How Do You Reset The Overheating Switch On A Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

How Do You Reset The Overheating Switch On A Dyson Vacuum Cleaner?

Dyson vacuum cleaners are considered to be among the best cleaners available in the market today. Although these cleaners are known for their robust design and great efficiency, they like all other cleaners need to undergo proper maintenance including timely changing of vacuum filters and bags for optimal performance. However, in the absence of appropriate care and maintenance even the best Dyson vacuums can develop operational issues.

One of the most common problems faced by Dyson users is the sudden shutting down of the machine. In such cases, the users try to solve the problem by trying to reset the overheating switch on their appliance. Sadly, most Dyson cleaners do not feature a reset switch. So the best way to resolve the problem is to unplug the machine and let it rest and cool down for a minimum of one hour. This automatically resets the appliance and makes it ready for use.

However, just resolving the problem for once is not enough as it is indicative of the fact that the machine is in need of maintenance. It is important for the users to check the condition of the filters and the motor to get a permanent solution to the problem of overheating. Generally, a worn out motor or clogged filters are the primary reason behind the Dyson appliance becoming overheated and in turn shutting down. In some rare cases, the problem might also be caused by some other technical issues in the vacuuming system.

If the appliance suffers from any such issue, it is highly advisable to get the filters and even the motor replaced. It is also a good idea to get the appliance thoroughly serviced from a reliable vacuum repair store, to ensure that no other parts are damaged or blocked. This will not only save the users’ considerable time and effort in getting the cleaner repaired again but will also help to improve the efficiency and performance of the appliance.

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  • Dale Rockefeller
    Dale Rockefeller

    I bought a Dyson animal 8 a few months ago and it did not come in a manufactures box? I used it 4 times and last time it “shut off” without warning! I cleaned out the canister and all the filters and tried troubleshootung the battery but it still will not take a charge not matter where I plug it in.

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