Guide For Buying The Right Dyson Vaccum Cleaner

Guide For Buying The Right Dyson Vaccum Cleaner

There are more than hundred brands for vacuum cleaners in the market,and each brand has more than a dozen varieties of vacuum cleaners. But Dyson Vacuum Cleaner stands out of the crowd with its innovative technology and its cutting edge features.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

There are different types of vacuum cleaners for this brand and they include upright type, Dyson canister vacuum, handheld as well as cordless types. The best Dyson vacuum cleaner manufactured by the brand till date is the upright vacuum cleaners. But again the need for each type of vacuum cleaner varies greatly from one individual from another and they are mainly dependent upon the type of floor and surface.

All of the vacuum cleaners have their own unique and exclusive features and technologies such as ball technology, root cyclone technology and high suction design technology to name a few. There are three different models for the brand namely, DC44 animal, DC40 multi floor, DC39 multi floor and according to one’s need and requirement the perfect one can be easily zeroed in.

The Best Dyson Canister Vacuum

As there are more than 1000 different types and varieties of vacuum cleaners in the market right now, finding the perfect one that fits your lifestyle can be a hideous task. For making that hideous job simpler for you we have narrowed them all down to the best one in the market right now. This cleaner stands out of the lot with its promising technology and has already delivered efficient job all around the globe and has many satisfied and happy customers. Dyson ball origin canister is often regarded as the best canister vacuum.

The high popularity for this vacuum is because of its unique and innovative technologies utilized. This vacuum cleaner uses the advanced ball technology and makes the vacuum cleaner very maneuverable.  With its high suction power of 170 AW the floor would remain spotlessly clean. To sweeten the deal even further, the vacuum cleaner comes with a 5 year warranty directly from the company.

Dyson Compact Canister – The Best Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

A good vacuum cleaner must have all the basic features and some unique features, must have both cord and cordless options, should not produce a lot of noise, and should be budget friendly and this vacuum cleaner  satisfies them all. Dyson compact canister comes under the type canister vacuum cleaners and is packed with many modern innovations and unique features.

Some of these features and innovations include:

  • Very high suction power of 280AW. The brand already uses the technology of active base plates. When these are combined with the high suction power, the floor remains spotlessly clean.
  • Uses improved bins. The bin can be cleared with a push of a button without even opening the upper lid. They have a capacity of 0.53 gallons and are extremely durable.
  • To maintain the high suction power during the clogging of the filters or bags, the machine uses the advanced technology of root cyclone innovation.
  • When all these features are combined with a 5 year warranty, one can easily say that this is one of the Best vacuum cleaners.

Dyson Cinetic Animal Canister

This cleaner’s brand is already on the top and best when compared with all other vacuum cleaner brands out there and Dyson cinetic animal canister is the best product from this best brand. This product is the best vacuum cleaner and this credit is not given to this product without any reason. The major benefits are:

  • It uses high suction power of 230AW. With high suction power, the machine can suck all those difficult stains and dirt from the floor that other vacuum cleaners failed to clean.
  • This vacuum uses special multi angle brush with which the users can easily clean those places which are generally hard to reach.
  • This machine uses the unique Dyson technology called root cyclone technology. With this even if the bag becomes full and clogged, the cleaner uses a certain airflow method that produces less turbulence and maintains the suctions power.

In addition to all these features, the vacuum cleaner arrives with a 5 year limited warranty for all its customers.

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