5 Mistakes You Should Avoid Committing With Your Cirrus Vacuum Cleaner

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid Committing With Your Cirrus Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming your house is no rocket science especially when you have your cleaning buddy, Cirrus Vacuum Cleaner. A little extra precaution and know-how can help clean your house so much better. It also ensures lesser number of Cirrus Vacuum Repair days in the lifetime of your vacuum cleaner.

Here is a list of 5 Mistakes that you should avoid making in order to ensure a healthy vacuum cleaner in your house.

  1. Waiting Until Your Cirrus Vacuum Bag Is Full To Empty It

Many people think that the bag should not be emptied till the time it is full. Well! The correct is a complete opposite of it. Always empty the bag when it is 3/4th full. This would ensure a strong suction power and hence better cleaning.

  1. Rewinding Your Retractable Cord Without Guiding It

Do not think that your job is done as soon as you pressed the rewind button. If you let the cord snap in all by itself, the chances are that it could go off its track which can result in damage of Cirrus Vacuum partsand hence would need repair. This could be easily avoided by holding the cord in your hand as you press the pedal to wind it back onto the reel.

  1. Vacuuming With A Dirty Filter

If the filters are not clean or is clogged with grime, it would not be able to effectively remove allergens. You don’t need to change the filters as frequently as a bag, you can simply wash it and reuse it again, but if the wear and tear is too severe, then it’s time to replace it. Change your HEPA filters every 6 months.

  1. Not Cutting Out Tangled Hair And Strings

If a brush roll is not turning, it won’t clean for sure. Also the tangle hair and threads can burn the motor as the power used would be more than actually required and I am telling you, replacing a motor is not a cheap affair. This mistake needs to be avoided at its best. Always make sure that you unwind or snip away any tangled hair or threads before using the vacuum cleaner. You can also remove the brush roll and clean it.

  1. Not Using All Cirrus Vacuum parts

I know, I am as lazy as you can imagine. But not using proper parts meant for specific purpose is a rooky mistake which can cost you heavy in the long run. Remember Crevice tools and dusting brushes are your best buddies. They make above-the-floor cleaning so easy that you won’t even realise it and it would be done. They pick up dust and allergens from remote areas such as baseboards, light fixtures etc.

Just avoid doing these mistakes and change cirrus vacuum parts from time to time and you have got yourself an amazing machine that won’t leave your side for a long period of time. If ever, you encounter any problem at all, we are there at your service to guide you in every step of your cleaning process. 

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