Does Perfect Air Vacuum Leave Your Home Smelling Fresher?

Does Perfect Air Vacuum Leave Your Home Smelling Fresher?

One of the major cleaning challenges faced by home owners is to remove the unpleasant smells and odors. In most cases the odors are caused by allergens and pollen present in the air which tend to grow rapidly in proportion to the amount of moisture present. That is why homeowners in areas that experience a generally humid climate tend to face the issue of stinky air a lot more than those living in drier regions.

While most modern vacuum cleaners feature the technology to remove these microscopic organisms they rarely claim to leave the air refreshed. The exception to this rule is the Perfect Air vacuum offered by the German manufacturer Thomas, a company committed to offering innovative household products.

Thomas Perfect Air

Thomas has been providing efficient technology solutions to meet the needs and desires of their customers for over 100 years. The company has now come out with the Perfect Air Allergy Pure vacuum, which claims to not only clean a space but also leave its air a lot more refreshed. The cleaner uses a water filter that is capable of trapping household allergens in the same manner that it captures dust and pollen particles. The accumulated particles are then directed to the Aqua Pure filter box, which is basically like a garbage collector bin or bag in other vacuums.

However, the thing that the company claims makes the Aqua Pure filter box unique is that it is partially filled with water. This means that the dust and allergens sucked up by Perfect Air do not simply get accumulated in the form of a dust cloud. Rather they are trapped in the water filled container, which also helps in humidifying the air that is released from the cleaner, making it fresher. Trapping the dust in water also eliminates the chances of allergens from the dust cloud entering back into the environment, when the container is emptied.

Prefect Air’s Secret Of Success

In case of regular vacuum cleaners, a significant amount of the sucked up dust and allergens is released back into the environment. This generally happens when the motor exhaust forces out after filtering the dust or while removing the dust container for emptying. In case of vacuums whose parts are not properly sealed, dust can also escape from several other routes. This prevents the air from being as fresh as it ought to be even after regular vacuuming.

However, the Perfect Air vacuum resolves the basic problem of the sucked up dust escaping from the vacuum by dumping it into a water filled container. This binds the dust and dirt particles with water making them too heavy to escape with the airflow. Even while emptying the dust container, there is no risk of any dust cloud getting released into the air as it trapped in water and can be easily poured out.

Analyzing The Advantage Offered By Perfect Air Vacuum

Contrary to the claims made by Thomas about Perfect Air, it is not necessary to use a water filter system to remove the odors and smells resent in air. In fact, a majority of latest vacuums offered by renowned brands offer similar efficiency in keeping the dust and allergens trapped without using the water filter. These cleaners use innovative filtration system to prevent the sucked up dust and dirt from getting released back into the air and ensuring a significantly fresh environment.

Most importantly these vacuums save the users the inconvenience of the exclusive maintenance needs of water based filters. In this respect they do not offer any advantage over modern filters, especially the bag less ones. In fact a good number of high-end cleaners even offer a single button ejection of dust containers which further reduces the risk of dust leakage. 

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