All That You Need To Know About Reclaimed Wood

All That You Need To Know About Reclaimed Wood

The demand for reclaimed wood is on a rise these days. So, what is reclaimed wood? Reclaimed Wood is the wooden flooring that has been used for buildings and structures from the 18th to the early 20th century. This wood is reused and recycled keeping in mind the preference towards sustainable and eco-friendly homes and businesses.

Reclaimed wood is not salvaged wood, which is the wood that is not used for any form of construction. It is the wood that has been used as wooden flooring for years before it got discarded as old and replaceable. With growing awareness of environmental conditions, people are now moving towards this option. While using reclaimed wood for any part of a home improvement or remodeling project, you give life to an old wood at the same time helping to save cutting of trees and environment.

Why Reclaimed Wood?

Is environmental reason the only reason for growing popularity of reclaimed wood? No that is so not the case as reclaimed wood offers a lot of other benefits as well:

  • Reclaimed wood is wider than new timber. If you compare the planks of old flooring built at the turn of the century with modern timber flooring you’ll notice that the latter is much narrower. This is because, nowadays the trees are not allowed to grow and reach to their full size resulting into narrower planks in new wood as compared to those in reclaimed wood.
  • Reclaimed wood is stronger and more durable as compared to the new wood. This is because the reclaimed wood is less likely to split. The reclaimed wood is exposed to both hot and cold atmosphere for a long time. It has already done the expanding or contracting it is ever going to do. Therefore, it has already dried out and hence is more durable and strong.
  • Reclaimed wood is better looking as they give that vintage look to your wooden floors. It gives that uniqueness to your floors which help it stand out from the rest.

Despite of all the advantages, it is very important to be really cautious while going for reclaimed wood as not every wood would be an apt choice for your flooring. Here is a list of things you can keep in mind:

  • Always buy reclaimed wood from a trusted source. Due to increase in demand of the reclaimed wood, there are many players in the market but not all are trustworthy. Do your research and try to know  about retailer’s methods to get their stock.
  • Try to find out how the wood you are buying was used in past. This is very important especially if there are children or pets in the house. Ask the retailer about it’s past life. Was it there in a sanitary place? For how long the wood is left outside? etc.
  • Before installation of any reclaimed wood, make sure it was properly treated, scrubbed and cleaned. Check that all the nails and other metal fasteners has been removed and the surface is properly repaired.

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