5 Tips To Take Good Care Of Your Hardwood Floors

5 Tips To Take Good Care Of Your Hardwood Floors

Once upon a time there was a house. The feel around it was very dull. The family and friends never used to visit them and so the people inside were not that happy. Then a fairy came in their lives and blessed them with hardwood floors. People start visiting them again and so they got happy again. The hardwood floors added such warmth and richness to their home that people started to think they have hit a fortune.

All this can be found seldom in other flooring options. Nothing precious comes easy in your life and so the hardwood floors also demand proper care and attention in order for you to enjoy their richness and warmth for a long period of time. Hardwood Floor Care in Vienna or any other place can be done by following few simple steps and using high quality hardwood floor care products.

Water Is The Enemy

Water can cause a serious damage to your hardwood floors as it can penetrate into the wood and cause stains. If it is allowed to stay on for a longer duration, it would seep into the floors and cause it swell up and buckle, a situation where replacement is the only and rather expensive option to compensate for the damage. Make sure the windows and doors are closed if it’s about to rain outside so that bulk water do not enter. Put trays under the plants and wipe up the spills as soon as it happens.

Be Careful With The Furniture

I know the easiest way to move your furniture is to drag it across the room, but sadly it is the most damaging way as well. Hardwood scratches quite easily and marks left can be unsightly and hard to repair. Make sure you lift the furniture before you move it across the room. Place felt pads on the feet of tables and chairs. It can help prevent scratches and keep the floor young and healthy for a long time.

Make The Vacuum Cleaner A Frequent Visitor

Experts recommend that hardwood floors should be vacuumed at least once a week. Dust and dirt act as sandpaper and hence scratches off the wood. Even though you may think, the broom is doing the entire job but it is incomplete till the time you vacuum your floors weekly.

Shield It From The Sun

The continuous exposure of sunlight may fade your hardwood floors over time. Always use blinds or curtains for blocking the direct sunlight coming outside from window. Having a window film installed can also be of great help.

Use Area Rugs for Protection

Using a beautiful area rug is like shooting two stars with a single bullet. It not only brings up a high class personality to the space but also protects your hardwood from direct dust and dirt. It will keep your wood young and clean especially in high footfall area. An extra long doormat would save the wood just inside the door as this is the place which is in direct contact with outside and hence is more prone to damage. It will act as an extra buffer that would give additional time for dirt and moisture to rub off the bottom of visitor’s shoes before reaching the wood.

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