Shark Duoclean Cordless – A Challenger Or Just An Entrant

Shark Duoclean Cordless – A Challenger Or Just An Entrant

With the overwhelming options of effective Vacuum cleaners for this festive season, you must have been confused about these home cleaning gadgets. You might need the most effective and long lasting vacuum to restore things for the coming New Year and to pick up the fallen Christmas needle and ripped gift paper. Almost everyone consider Dyson when it comes to cleaners but the competitions is no less for anyone out there. Shark is one of the most popular and reliable sellers for upright vacuum to aid you during the cleaning time. Their new carpet cleaner and battery operated vacuum looks very effectual as they don’t need to be plugged in to be used. Can this versatile and easy to use Shark DuoClean Cleaners compete with the one getting the energy from the 240 Volts main? Here’s our verdict.


When you begin with the Shark DuoClean, you need a small amount of building before you can use it for removing the dust from your home. However, it doesn’t require any tool to set up and can be done in just 10 minutes. Even, a novice will have no hassle while setting it up. The set-up is easy and you can certainly make your way to the best cordless machine.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner


Although, the design it not something which is going to get it a thumbs up, but it doesn’t matter a lot as it is a job which has to be done despite its appearance. The thing to notice here is not the look, but its numerous configurations and its ability to be folded down in a relatively small size. While being easy to be placed anywhere, it can be used to clean any corner of the home. With its innovative and efficient Flex Technology and its huge range of Accessories, the cleaning process is going to be simple and interesting. Perfect for stairs and ceiling of the house, it even has a button which makes it flexible enough to get beneath the sofa and bed. With a simple release mechanism, it also has two headlamps at the front that can guide you in darker areas.

Battery Life And Usage

One of the best features of this handy vacuum is its flexibility as you are not constrained by a wire from a switch board. You can simply hit the power button and it will do the job for you in just no time. The problem with the battery is that it takes couple hours to refill the huge power packs. But fortunately, it comes with two batteries where both can be charged at the same time. The life time charge of each stays for only 22 minutes and it also requires constant emptying. This can be turn down; however, other features will make this one of the best equipment to have at home.

Shark Upright

Cleaning Power

As it is battery powered, you can never struggle with its high cleaning power while using it at any portion of your house. The brush works together to remove both the large and small dust particles without the need to switch heads. 

So, it is not much of the prettiest and stylish Cleaners, but if you want to get rid of the annoying cable with enough power and flexibility then you should go for it. As you require constant emptying, it can bother you as well.

Equipment with cable can be absolutely bothering and this one is a sigh of relief from those ugly power cords showing its color and shape; of course, no one wants to see that. All thanks to this wonderful cordless Shark duoclean for giving you a neat and tidy home. 

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