Which Is A Good And Effective Yet Inexpensive Vacuum Cleaner For Home Use?

Which Is A Good And Effective Yet Inexpensive Vacuum Cleaner For Home Use?

Vacuum cleaners are among the most important home appliances people use today. Besides making the daunting task of keeping the home clean, these machines can help in saving a lot of time and energy for the users. However, given the wide choice of brands and model, choosing the most efficient yet affordable appliance is not an easy task.

While there are several major stores that offer cleaners for as low a price as $100, investing in these appliances is not an intelligent choice. In most cases, such vacuums cannot be relied upon to provide efficient cleaning, in addition to which they also don’t last very long. However, this is not a reason to feel disappointed as there are several good brands like Riccar, Miele, Dyson, Sebo and Royal etc, which offer extremely powerful and efficient cleaners. Although, the initial cost of buying these appliances might be above $200, they are designed to last really long and offer great value for money.

It is quite difficult to generalize any vacuum as the best and the most cost-effective for home use. This is because every household is different and hence has different cleaning needs. So what might be suitable for one home, might not work for another. However, there are a few common factors as discussed below that users can consider choosing the best appliance as per their needs.

Style: The most important factor to consider is the style of the cleaner. Generally, the best cleaners offered for home use are either in canister style or handheld. While canister style vacuums are good for every type of household cleaning, the handheld ones are perfect for cleaning furniture, upholstery etc. Canister vacuums bulkier and more costly as compared to handheld ones, which are portable and lightweight as well as economical.

Bag or No Bag: Both bagless and with bag cleaners are known to offer good efficiency. However, while bagless cleaners offer the convenience of easily disposing of dirt and dust, the ones with bags are better suited for use around people with allergies as they help to trap the dirt more effectively.

Type of Filter: Most high end vacuums today come fitted with the highly efficient HEPA filters or something equivalent. This ensures more hygienic cleaning by enabling the removal of dust, dander and allergens from the surroundings. However, vacuums having such filters tend to be costlier than the ones which do not have other ordinary filters and hence don’t offer as much efficiency in cleaning. 

Noise: Another key factor to consider is the level of noise produced by the vacuums while they are operated. Users who do not mind a bit of noise during the operation of a cleaner can opt for cheaper ones. But in case of users seeking vacuums that create minimal disturbance choosing high end cleaners with build in features for noise suppression is the right choice.  

Maneuverability: The ease of moving the appliance around should also be considered, especially in homes with large cleaning areas. Generally, heavy machines are provided with wheels to enable easy movement besides which they feature a long cord or cleaning handle for efficient cleaning across hard to reach places. 

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