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We all love to invest in good gadgets and electronics that make our life easier. With science and technology advancing so much these days, you can get all your work done in one click. Companies are coming up with newer products and innovations to meet the consumer demands. The vacuum cleaner is one such innovation. They have evolved over a period of time. But what lacks is the after sales service once the product is sold. Warranties are given according the products obvious durability and once the warranty is over, the customer has to struggle with the assistance, help and its outdated parts.

Miele Active AirClean
According to the vacuum industry data, on an average, consumers spend approximately $260 dollars every two years on vacuum cleaners and supplies. Most people go for cheap quality vacuums from big box stores that provide no customer support or repair facility. Here at REDVACUUMS, Vienna. We sell and repair a wide variety of vacuum cleaner brands. Our experienced and technical staff is working 7 days a week to guide you to the right vacuum cleaner for your need and budget.

At our store in Vienna, our full Service Includes the Following:

  • While inspection, our like eagle eye checks Belt pulley and roller brush. If required, the lubricate is applied and cleaned it.
  • The rug plate is checked as it should be well conditioned to collect all the rugs in the future.
  • The handle grip and Connections are tightened if it’s necessary.
  • Electronic wiring and light bulb, MOTOR FOR WEAR &ELECTRICAL SOUNDNESS are checked to prevent any hazards.
  • Air flow compartments and bag chambers are checked for free flow of air.

Wheels are checked for proper operation (and even lubricate may be applied if necessary).

Other inspections are –

Filters & filter screen
Seals & gaskets
Cord hooks & cord reel
Hose for structural integrity.

The customer satisfaction has always been at the center of our business and we are constantly expanding our ways of reaching out to their needs to understand their problems and finding solution for it. Passion for delivering with excellence has always motivated us to come up with high quality service to ensure satisfaction and the wellbeing of the families.

Miele Complete C3 Brilliant PowerLine
We specialize in Miele Vacuum Repair, Dyson Vacuum Repair, Riccar Vacuum Repair, Kirby Vacuum Repair, Electrolux Vacuum Repair, Oreck Vacuum Repair, Hoover Vacuum Repair, Rainbow Vacuum Repair, Sanitare Vacuum Repair, Eureka Vacuum Repair, Royal Vacuum repair, Shark vacuum repair, Sebo vacuum repair, Simplicity vacuum repair, Bissell vacuum repair, KENMORE Vacuum repair, Panasonic Vacuum Repair.

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