Vacuum Repair, From Vienna to Rockville


According to the vacuum industry data, on an average, consumers spend approximately $260 dollars every two years on vacuum cleaners and its products. Most of them go for cheap quality vacuums that provide no customer support or repair facility. This proves to be very bad in the long run.

Fuller Brush Canister Vacuum
Fuller Brush Home Maid Power Team Canister Vacuum

Here at Red Vacuums, we sell and repair a wide variety of vacuum cleaner brands. We are a local authorized dealer for Fuller vacuums.  Fuller vacuums, fuller bags and brush, Fuller attachment kits and Filters, You name it and we have it!

The software town of Rockville is just 16 miles away from our store in Vienna. Our experienced staff is working 7 days a week to guide you and provide you free estimates on any kind of vacuum cleaner repair. Most estimates are given on the spot; otherwise we get back to you within 24 hours.

Fuller Brush 6-Pack Micro Filter Vacuum Bags
Fuller Brush 6-Pack Micro Filter Vacuum Bags for Fuller Brush Full Size Canisters

We fix various residential & commercial vacuum cleaners as well as carpet extractors. We provide yearly tune-up & services for your vacuum cleaner which includes taking it apart completely, changing bag, belts, filter, cleaning the motor compartment, assembling the roller brush and much more. We are focused on building excellent and timely customer service.

We provide you free loaners so that you don’t miss your vacuum when your house is in a mess. What do we mean by free loaners is that we give you a spare vacuum to use until you don’t get your vacuum repaired back.

Fuller Brush Mighty Maid Vacuum
Fuller Brush Mighty Maid Vacuum with Carpet/Floor Selector

Our repair services include: belt(s) pulley & roller brush (lubricate & clean), rug plate, handle grip & connections (tighten if necessary), filters & filter screen, seals & gaskets, electrical wiring & light bulb, motor for wear & electrical soundness, cord hooks & cord reel, hose for structural integrity, wheels for proper operations (lubricate if necessary), air flow components & bag chamber(Parts are extra if necessary)

If you still aren’t sure whether or not to continue with your old vacuum, then just trade-in your old vacuum for a new one and save up to 150$.

At last, it is recommended to service your vacuum cleaner at least once in a year. This will make sure that your vacuum stays efficient and durable for a long time.

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