Top 5 Upright Vacuum Cleaners Offered By Dyson

Top 5 Upright Vacuum Cleaners Offered By Dyson

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, Dyson has established itself as trustworthy and renowned brand known for offering high quality appliances to suit diverse needs. The company offers diverse models of every distinct type of cleaner making it possible for users to choose the one that best satisfies their requirements. With the trend of upright cleaners being quite popular, given below are the brief details of the top five Dyson vacuum cleaners of this particular type.

  • Dyson Ball Allergy

This high performance vacuum cleaner comes with three additional home cleaning tools that help in removing allergens in an efficient manner. This extremely lightweight cleaner has a suction power of 245 A Wand a bin volume of 0.55 gallons. The cleaner has  a maximum reach of 45 feet thanks to it cord length of  35 feet, making it perfect for cleaning high walls and ceilings in an effortless manner. Some of the features offered by this one of its kinds are listed below.

  • Is equipped with Radical Root Cyclone technology for efficient cleaning
  • Comes with a self adjusting cleaner head and soft dusting brush made from carbon fiber for enhanced cleaning of diverse surfaces
  • Has hygienic bin emptying feature and washable lifetime filter
  • The reach under tool and mattress tool enable effective cleaning for hard to reach places
  • Dyson Ball Compact Animal

This model of upright cleaner is has been designed for households that have pets. It comes with a two tier Radial Cyclone system for better suction of microscopic dust.Its compact design and light weight makes for easy maneuverability. It comes with a suction power of 170 AW and has a bin capacity of 0.15 gallons. The appliance has a cord length of 16.4 feet which enables it to reach to a maximum height of 27.4 feet. It offers the following features to the users.

  • Features the ball technology that makes moving it around quite easy
  • Provided with a tangle-free turbine tool that makes removing pet hair
  • Is fitted with HEPA filtration system making it safe for people suffering from asthma or allergy
  • Has the facility of hygienic bin emptying with a single push of a button
  • Fitted with carbon fiber floor tool for efficient cleaning of diverse surfaces.
  • Dyson Ball Multi floor

Even though this model of Dyson upright cleaner has been remodeled for enhanced carpet cleaning, it is equally effective on other surfaces as well. For people who choose to buy Dyson vacuums online,it is important to know that this cleaner comes with a suction power of 245 A Wand a bin capacity of 0.55 gallons. With its cord length of 30 feet, the appliance has a maximum reach of 45 feet. Some important features offered by this appliance are listed below.

  • Comes fitted with Radial Root Cyclone technology for enhanced cleaning of microscopic dust
  • Is fitted with a self-adjusting cleaner head and instant release wand for greater flexibility
  • Is safe to use for people with asthma and allergies thanks to the HEPA filtration system
  • Hygienic bin emptying enables users to get release the dirt with the push of a button
  • Is extremely lightweight which ensures easy movement across the house during the cleaning process
  • Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Allergy

Designed to provide constant suction from start to end, this lightweight upright cleaner offers a power of 180 AW and bin volume of 0.57 gallons. The appliance can remove dust from as far away as 50 feet thanks to its cord length 35 feet. Most importantly it does not feature any filters to be washed or replaced which is the reason behind its constant suction. It is perfect for use in households with pets as well as around people with allergies and asthma.  Listed below are some of the features of this appliance.

  • Is designed in accordance with the state-of- art Cinetic science for better suction
  • Comes with a self –adjusting cleaning tool and a multi angle brush
  • Is also provided with a soft dusting brush made of carbon fiber, reach under tool and mattress tool
  • Offers push button based hygienic bin emptying for easily releasing the dirt
  • Instant release wand offers greater flexibility in cleaning especially in areas that are located quite high
  • Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal

This is one of the finest upright vacuums as it offers better overall performance than any other cleaner of its kind. The appliance offers a suction power of 180 AW and has a bin capacity of 0.57 gallons. It has a maximum reach of 50 feet made possible by the 35 feet cord length. The appliance works on ball technology which enables better flexibility in movement. It is fitted with an adjustable cleaner head and instant release wand to for enhanced cleaning of hard to reach surfaces. The other important features of the cleaner are listed below.

  • Comes fitted with Cinetic Science technology for enhanced efficiency and deeper cleaning
  • Easily removes pet hair with its tangle-free turbine tool
  • Has HEPA filtration system making it safe for use around asthma and allergic patients
  • Does not have any filters to be cleaned or replaced which helps in  minimizing suction loss


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