The Lungs of a Vacuum

The Lungs of a Vacuum

When you switch on your vacuum cleaner, its motor forces air through its internals, creating a powerful suction to draw dust and dirt out of your carpets. This dust and dirt passes through the vacuum until it hits a filter, which allows air to past through but traps larger particles in a disposable bag or a reusable dust container.

These filters of the vacuum are as good as lungs of a human. They filter out the bad air and allow good air to pass by. The only difference is that the latter needs to be replaced regularly. Idly they need to be changed after every 12-18 months.

Most vacuums use the air sucked into the machine to cool the motors, A clogged filter does not let adequate amount of cool air flow into the motor. When the motor is not cooled properly it will cause it to work harder and overheat, which will reduce the life expectancy of the machine. Clogged filters also reduce the suction and performance of the machine. Filtering the air as it passes through the vacuum prevents fine dirt and dust particles from getting into the motor and building up over time.

There are many types of filters like - The standard filter, Electrostatic filter, Micro filters, Direct Air Motor Filter, Washable filters, HEPA filters, Charcoal Filter, etc.

HEPA Filters

These are often talked about as the best filters that money can buy. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters. They can collect the most hazardous types of dust with 99.9% efficiency. So as you can guess, these are best suited to industrial settings and areas where hazardous materials are used. They are often worth the money.

Electrostatic Filter

An electrostatic Air Filter is very efficient. It removes up to 95.3% of airborne particles. It uses electrostatic charged polypropylene and polyurethane filtration Medias to attract particles as small as .3 micron. A safe static charge is produced by forcing air across the filter. This static charge attracts and traps airborne particles into the filter just like a magnet. It saves energy by maintaining the air conditioning coils which in turn uses less energy. Asthma, allergy, and respiratory symptoms are often reduced when exposed to dust and other dangers as it is controlled with an electrostatic air filter.

The MAYTAG Vacuums performs efficiently and give best results.


The M7F filter set for the Maytag M700 vacuum contains one filter that protects the vacuum motor from debris and another filter that blocks microscopic particles from blowing back into your home. The M7F filter set includes:

1 HEPA media filter cartridge

1 Electrostatic filter


It Includes
1 HEPA Media Filter
1 Charcoal Filter

1 Direct Air Motor Filter 

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