Shark Steam Mop S3101N – An Extremely Convenient And Essential Home Cleaning Appliance

Shark Steam Mop S3101N – An Extremely Convenient And Essential Home Cleaning Appliance

When it comes to offering home cleaning appliances, Shark is definitely one of the most trusted and popular brands. In fact, Shark vacuums are considered to be among the most efficient and powerful cleaners available in the market. The ease and flexibility of use, great durability and the long life makes these devices a preferred choice among users having versatile cleaning needs. Getting familiar with the best features of the most popular shark vacuums.

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However, in addition to the diverse range of vacuum cleaners offered by the brand, Shark is also renowned for its vast collection of steam mops. These mops are known used for cleaning different types of hardwood floor surfaces leaving them free from any dust and stains. As per their name, these devices are nothing like vacuum cleaners, but are designed to perform the task of a regular household mop. Since they are electronically operated, using them for scrubbing the floors becomes a relatively effortless and lesser time consuming task.

The Shark Steam Mop #S3101N is one of the most efficient and popular steam mops offered by the brand. The device uses steam generated electrically to remove tough dirt, grime and grease from almost all types of hardwood floors. It is not only significantly more effective but is also much safer as the users do not need to worry about getting scalded by the hot steam or leaving behind patches of moisture that might spoil their hardwood floor. This is basic model for steam mops offered by Shark and all the later models are only its enhanced versions.


Given below are the various features of #S3101N, which make it the delight and pride of any cleanliness loving homeowner. Shark blast and scrub- best steam pocket mop by shark vacuums.

  •    It is extremely quick and easy as there is no need to rinse or wriggle the mop pad or even to carry around bucketfuls of water everywhere around the house.
  • It is extremely powerful which ensures that the cleaning and sanitizing effect of the steam is better and also that it dries up quickly without seeping deep into the hardwood floor surface.
  •   It does not use any chemicals for cleaning, which means that there is no chance of any chemical residues or stains being left behind on the hardwood floor giving it a shabby look. An easy way to remove dirt with shark vacuums.
  • It is extremely lightweight even when the water tank is full to capacity, which makes it moving around the house less effortless and more convenient.
  • It is designed as a single unit and does not have many parts that need to be replaced after a regular interval as is the case with even some of the most durable Shark vacuum cleaner parts.
  • It comes with a power on light indicator, which turns green when the mop is plugged in and is capable of generating steam in as little as 30 seconds.
  • It comes with a durable triple layer micro-fiber cleaning pad which easily loosens lifts and locks in the dirt and can be machine washed after every mopping session.

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