Shark Blast And Scrub - Best Steam Pocket Mop by Shark Vacuums

Shark Blast And Scrub - Best Steam Pocket Mop by Shark Vacuums

Floor scrubbing is one of those cumbersome household jobs that women all over the World wish to avoid. However, as there have been a number of inventions in house care products, quite a few trivial looking tasks have been eased off. Shark is a brand that offers a widespread collection of cleaning and household appliances. The shark vacuums  has come up with its latest product named Shark Blast & Scrub steam pocket mop.

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The mop that has been designed by Shark is a fast, powerful and easy to use appliance that will simplify the way you go about cleaning and sanitizing the floors. The pocket mop has an integrated Electronic Intelligent Steam Control that comes packed with three different settings that will enable a person to have a complete control over the steam that is needed for cleaning the floors.

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Now, let’s have a look at the specifications of the pocket mop.

  1. Cleaning Power :Shark Blast & Scrub will provide an excellent steam power through the different settings that are ‘Lo’ for the regular dusting purposes, ‘Medium’ for the daily purposes mopping and ‘Hi’ for a complete cleaning experience. The pocket mop has been designed in such a manner that it will emit concentrated high pressure steam that will help in cleaning the rigid stains. In order to use this function, all you need to do is push the Head Release Button that will release the required amount of steam.

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Below is a brief description of the three different settings that are included in the mop.

  • Lo Setting : This setting is suitable for cleaning the hardwood, marble, and the laminate floors. For cleaning the delicate surfaces, sanitizing floors and performing light dusting activities use this setting.
  • Med Setting : For cleaning stone, marble, tiles and the hardwood floors this setting is ideal. Basic daily cleaning, sanitizing the floors and removing the smaller spots and messes and even for cleaning some of the large areas this setting is perfect.
  • Hi Setting : In the Hi setting, a person will be able to remove all the heavy dirt and smudge, cleaning those areas that are really very dirty, removing the stubborn stains and different types of messes.
  1. Input Power :The pocket mop requires 120V of input power and the power consumption is about 1000W. Due to this, the mop is more efficient in comparison to all the other mops that are available in the market.Image result for Shark Blast & Scrub Steam Pocket Mop
  1. Tank Capacity :The mop comes with a capacity of 550 ml or 18 oz, that will supply sufficient water for steaming or cleaning the floor thoroughly.
  1. Steam Pads :There are in total 4 pads, one is a triangle washable all purpose scrub pocket pad, one rectangle all purpose pocket pad, one stain blast & scrub pad, one rectangle washable all purpose pocket pad.
  1. Weight & Dimensions :The weight of the product is around 7 lbs and the dimensions are 12.2 x 8.3 x 46.9 inches. The effective dimensions enables the mop to move around from one place to the other.
  1. Warranty :With this pocket mop, the buyer will get a limited warranty for one year. In case, there is any kind of defect in the material or in the workmanship, then it will be replaced or the repair services will be provided at no cost to the customer. By paying some extra amount, you can even avail a 5 year VIP warranty.Related image
  1. Accessories :Along with the pads, the box also includes a triangle mop head which is used in cleaning those areas that are hard to reach the areas and the corners, a XL mop head for cleaning the larger areas, a rectangle mop head that can be utilized for the all purpose cleaning, a plastic stain scrubber and a filling flask.
  1. Special Features :The water filtration system can be used for reducing up to 80% of the hardness from the water. This will help in clearing all the lime compounds and the calcifying that might affect the mop in the long run. Along with the Electronic Intelligent Steam Control feature that has been discussed above, it also features the all new High pressure Blast & Scrub Technology.
  1. Usability :The Shark steam mop has been designed in such a manner that it makes it a user-friendly appliance. The durable construction and the light weight is the main reason behind it. The reversible cleaning pads offer a better cleaning potential. There is no need to buy additional pads as the pads can be washed and reused. The easy control settings make it easy to use on a daily basis. The long 25ft power cord will make it possible to reach to farther places without facing the need to change the power outlet.

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Shark Blast & Scrub has been constantly achieving a lot of positive reviews and comments from the customers. None of the users of the mop have felt disappointed after using the pocket mop as they end up finding a cleaner and a sanitized floor.

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