Sebo Vacuum Parts And Supplies That Are Must-Haves

Sebo Vacuum Parts And Supplies That Are Must-Haves

Made in Germany, Sebo vacuums are known for high quality and durability. A manufacturer of premium upright and canister vacuums, Sebo makes high quality vacuums and parts. The demand of these parts is very high among the masses. They make some really very useful parts that make using vacuum cleaners very easy and hassle free. Here is a guide on purchasing their parts and bags.

Sebo Vacuum Bags - They make high quality vacuum cleaner bags and filters for its products that is the upright and canister series. These are designed for best performance and we surely do not recommend using generic replacements (Please, don’t do it. It’s for the safety of your cleaning buddy after all). We are saying this because the bags and filters play an important role in restricting the emissions of the vacuum cleaner which is helpful to people suffering from asthma and allergies as well as any kids.

The high filtration abilities of its parts joined with the design of a high quality machine creates one of the best vacuum cleaner filtration systems in the world. So if you are thinking of using generic replacements change the plans and go for the original ones.

We recommend changing the filters at least once a year as using these for a prolonged duration affects its suction power and thus lower its performance further. The bags or Service bags contain filters for the vacuum as well. Depending on the model you have chosen, the filters could be included in this service box or can be separate.

Brush and the extension Hose - If you own or planning to buy a Sebo X, G, or 370 seriesupright vacuum, I would recommend the hand held turbo brush and 9 foot long extension hose.

The turbo brush contains a roller which is powered by the suction. The turbo brush and the hose make cleaning hard to reach areas and stairs very feasible. Vacuuming the stairs using any regular sized vacuum can be a bit difficult to do, however if you use extended setup like this, it would increase your reach and thus making the cleaning much more easy and neat.

Dusting Brush - If you own Felix vacuum, you need to buy the dusting brush. I do not why Sebo doesn't include these tools with any of the Felix models but having these with them is a must have. These Dusting brushes are a must for cleaning framing around windows, blinds, corner of walls, etc.

Apart from this, there is also a radiator brush that helps in attaching the crevice tool for inaccessible areas. One more benefit about Felix vacuums is that it can be broken down into a portable canister, hence you could actually clean the stairs without having buy any additional accessories or parts for it.

Floor Polishing Head - If you are a Felix owner, you also have the option of buying the floor polishing head. We call this as a "Disco Head". The polishing head would attach to the bottom of the Felix where the powerbrush is. You could remove the powerbrush and attach the polishing head on the Felix and you are good to go. This Disco Head has automatic height adjustment, 2,000 rpm disc speed, and a Suction duct.

Any parts other than these are usually replacements. As an authorized dealer of Sebo Vacuum Cleaners and its parts, you can buy any parts from us. We, as your “Friend, Philosopher and Guide” in your vacuum cleaner journey, is there to guide you in every step of your vacuum cleaner experience.

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