Sebo Vs. Miele – All That You Need To Know

Sebo Vs. Miele – All That You Need To Know

Planning to buy a vacuum cleaner and are down to two choices – SEBO or Miele? After reading this review, you will be in a better position to make your decision. SEBO and Miele are one of the finest German vacuum cleaner companies. SEBO manufactures its products in Germany and are known for making the finest pet vacuum cleaners in the market. Miele offers a wider range of appliances along with vacuum cleaners.

There are both similarities and differences in the product range of two companies. For example, both brands offer only bagged vacuum cleaners but Miele vacuum bags offers a longer warranty period than Sebo vacuum bags. For the purpose of comparison we have broken it down in terms of following parameters.





Weight of Vacuum Cleaners

People usually compares Miele vs. SEBO in terms of a canister vacuum cleaner. Canister vacuums are the most popular style of vacuum cleaners that both brands make. Canister vacuums are considered as light weight and a bit more powerful. Weight is an important factor while dealing with a canister vacuum cleaner. In the entire cleaning process, you need to push or pull the appliance along with you. The canister vacuums for SEBO and vacuums are as below:

SEBO D4 Airbelt first – This appliance weighs only 15.9 pounds which is not too much weight for a heavy duty canister.It is easy for most people to move the model around and maneuver it according to their cleaning needs.

Uniq Canister Vacuum Cleaner – A similar Miele product weighs 28.2 pounds which is a sharp difference between the two products. This however, does not hamper its function and is much stable.

So if we compare SEBO and Miele in terms of weight in case of a canister vacuum, SEBO clearly wins and hence would be a better choice.



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Filtration of Vacuum Cleaner

Another important point to consider is Filtration. The two brands use different methods and hence would be an important point to judge each of the vacuum cleaner on the scale of your needs. Miele uses HEPA filter technology. Miele HEPA Filters,at a minimum, can remove up to 99.97% of pollutants from the air.



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SEBO on the other hand uses s-class hospital grade filtration systems. This multi-layer filtration system can remove up to 99.9% of pollutants down to 0.3 microns in size in the air without needing HEPA filters. This allows for cool and clean air to pass through the motor thereby increasing the overall life expectancy of the SEBO vacuum. The filters that are used by SEBO are endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation. Impressive right? However SEBO also offers HEPA as an upgradation but we do not see a need as such.

Suction Power of Vacuum Cleaner

The six suction control setting of Miele canisters is labeled with pictograph that helps in quiet operation. SEBO’s suction control setting are located on the hose handle there by making people hard to guess which level is best for a particular surface. Some SEBO’s do not have multiple settings for example, SEBO D4 Airbelt only comes with one setting controlled by a+/- switch.



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Operating Radius of Vacuum Cleaner 



A SEBO Airbelt D canister comes with a cleaning range of 52 ft as compared to Miele’s 37 ft.The radius range for Miele is 29 to 36 ft. So here SEBO wins over Miele as you can clean more area with less effort.

Cost of Vacuum Cleaner

Both brands offer long lasting vacuum cleaners that can last for decades. These appliances are considered more of an investment. Initial cost of both types is more. Comparing SEBO D4 Airbelt against Miele Uniq in terms of cost, SEBO comes out triumphant in both initial as well as long term cost.

Intial Cost – Miele Uniq costs$1500 no matter where you buy it which is far more expensive than SEBO D4’s$899.



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Maintenance Cost – The cost of vacuum bags and filters for SEBO is almost half as compared to Miele. The service cost for SEBO is also less than Miele. The reason behind this is the simple design of SEBO vacuum cleaners. SEBO is designed in such a way that it could be easily serviced whereas Miele needs an authorized service center due to complex design. For example, SEBO cord repair can be done easily at home.

Quality of Vacuum Cleaner 



Both the brands have come a long way and has constantly evolved and come up with the best possible solution to your cleaning problems. With time, both the brands have up their quality and has much higher quality than any standard vacuum cleaner in the market. Having said this, while both are equally tough in terms of quality, Miele is a little overpriced for that quality so sometimes people feel it is not worth the cost as they could get the same quality product at a lower initial and long term cost.

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