Say No To Mopping And Get Used To Shark Vacuums And Bissell Vacuums For Flawless Cleaning

Say No To Mopping And Get Used To Shark Vacuums And Bissell Vacuums For Flawless Cleaning

Mopping has been the traditional method of cleaning the floors of a house. But how do you ensure that simply dusting the furniture with a piece of cloth does the job perfectly? Will you be assured that the allergens have been trapped? It is quite impossible as nothing beats the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner. Shark Vacuums and Bissell vacuums are topping the charts for extraordinary cleaning technique used for making every space allergen and dust free.

Shark’s Steam Mop is known to be one of the best vacuum cleaners that are technically fantastic and without any loophole. Similarly, Bissell is a renowned name that can be trusted for designing and giving to the world great vacuum models. What should you know to distinguish between two vacuum brands? They are the specifications.

shark steam mop

Specs of Shark’s Steam Mop vacuums

  • Shark’s steam mop is known for excellent cleaning and holding dirt by locking it. Exterior surfaces will be dust free and even cleaner that they used to be.
  • It uses a technology known as touch-free that keeps the dirt away from you. How about cleaning without you being a part of the dirt?
  • The power it runs on is 1200 watts which is considered a fair power
  • Chemical free cleaning. The water tank makes saving money possible. It holds enough water for cleaning a space which is approximately 1000 square feet with just 250 ml of water.
  • It is a light model with great portability.
  • The warranty can vary from 2 years to 5 years. Better the dealer, higher the warranty, and the promise of authenticity.
  • It assures you of flexibility.

Other products of Shark brands are shark navigator lift-away upright vacuum, shark rotator pro complete lift away vacuum and accessories like the Hepa filter, foam etc. Although it is expensive when compared to other models of Sharks in the market, it is a buy that one needs to rely upon for excellent cleaning.

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Bissell Brand Is The Name For Products Needed For Vacuum Repair

Bissel is the name for excellent vacuum cleaners and more than producing tools and parts that are not easily available at affordable price. The vacuum parts for vacuum repairs are needed by every vacuum owners and the brand that you can trust with it is Bissell.

A Few Of The Highest Selling Bissell Products

Bissell genuine Filter Style Hepa Lift off model: This one is the filter that people can opt for if they have lift off model vacuums at home or office. It is imperative to get the best filter for your companion at home so that it enhances the productivity of the old vacuum like it is new.

Image result for Bissell genuine Filter Style Hepa Lift off model

Bissell Envirocare Upright Style 1 and 7 Vacuum microfiltration bags: Microfiltration bags are fit for that extra edge to your vacuum cleaners so that filtration is attained with perfection. This is one of the highest selling products by Bissell that needs no introduction.

Image result for Bissell Envirocare Upright Style 1 and 7 Vacuum microfiltration bags

Bissell Filter for all clean view powertrak and lift off models: If yours is a powertrak or lift off model vacuum cleaner, Bissell filter can be the need when you know that the filter has gone faulty. Many people have trusted the filter and rated it as one of the most effective filters available.

Image result for Bissell Filter for all clean view powertrak and lift off models

Shark or Bissell, both the brands have their names in their specific genre. Shark is popular for different vacuum cleaners that come with the latest technology while Bissell is popular for parts and accessories that one may need during the repair.

Vacuum cleaning is a need in every home and workplace and without a second thought, people tend to buy it. While buying, it is important to check the brand name as better the brand better the durability. 

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