S2 Miele Vacuum Cleaners - Because You Deserve Quality In Budget

S2 Miele Vacuum Cleaners - Because You Deserve Quality In Budget

Are you in the category of Miele lovers who adores it’s understated design and German Engineering, but have to be contented with an old model Hoover, as the price one has to pay for owning a Miele is too much to take by a normal pocket. Known for its quality standards and amazing designs all over the world, the only turn off that came into the way in buying a Miele Vacuum Cleaners was the price tag.

Fortunately for the dearest admirers, Miele came up with it’s economical S2 Series Miele Vacuums. Starting from $299, it is like a dream come true for a huge fan base who only dreamt of using a Miele one day while cleaning with their current vacuum cleaners. S2 series of Miele Vacuum Cleaner is a perfect answer to those who are willing to buy a high quality vacuum, but budget is their top and foremost priority. It has all the perks of owning a Miele vacuum at a price tag that is comfortable for most households.

Initially it was launched with 3 set of vacuum cleaners at 3 different price ranges depending upon the accessories :

  1. Miele S2 Olympus - $299
  1. Miele S2 Delphi - $499
  1. Miele S2 Titan - $599

All three are based on the same canister vacuum but comes along with different accessories for different types of floorings. The standard filtration quality being the same in all three, Miele S2 Titan comes with Active HEPA filter for higher filtration.

Interestingly, even though economical, S2 Miele vacuums have all the signature parts that make it stand out in the crowd. It has a 6 foot crush proof hose, adjustable stainless-steel wand, combination rug, floor tools etc. All the slightest deals are kept in mind while designing these vacuum cleaners. Based on the floorings, Miele Olympus is perfect for homes with wood, tiles and area rugs. However, if you are looking in the pile carpeting or pet hair category, then your choice has to be a Delphi or Titan. With the same signature Votex motor installed in each of three model, Miele has shown its willingness to deliver economical products without compromising on quality.

Let’s pick each one by one:

Miele S2 Olympus

These vacuum cleaners are lightweight with plastic shell at top and protective bumpers which are not as durably thick as its cousins but  the plus point is that this vacuum cleaner is possibly the lightest model of Miele family and hence very easy carry and maneuver in tight spots all over the apartment. You can also very easily store it away in a closet due to its cute small size.

The Vortex motor as we mentioned earlier does an exceptionally good job whether used on short pile carpet or hard floor. The filtration system even though not fully certified and sealed as its upper tier Miele vacuums but offers a pretty decent deal and can be called as a good enough for Miele standards. As with the negatives, the shorter power cord restricts your radius of cleaning and hence could be proved out to be a little hassle but that can be compensated with its feather like weight :P

 Miele S2 Delphi

These vacuum cleaners are almost similar in terms of all the pros and cons I discussed. The only difference comes in terms of accessories. Delphi vacuums contains electric hose and has a powerful brush to take care of the carpeting areas. It lifts pet hair with utter ease and hence is a personal favourite of animal lovers.

Miele S2 Titan

With a high filtration standard, it contains an Active Hepa filter which makes it a better version of the above two and hence is priced a little higher. Having the same power brush as a Delphi, it has a special wood floor brush, which makes it suitable for any possible kind of flooring, other feature leading to high price.

S2 series was first launched in 2009, and since then, it has created a niche for itself in the market that was earlier not exhausted by it. People fed up of buying Made in China models for years now can enjoy having a Miele tag within a budget.

So my dear ladies, go and brag about your brand new Miele to your friends as this is something you can be boastful about. It’s a Miele after all and that too you’re very own. Red Vacuums your guide in the vacuum journey, is always there to help you right from the beginning till the end. We are in a store near you, just a call away and available online. You just have to make a cleaning wish and we are there to accomplish it.

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