Riccar Vacuum Cleaners – The Right Choice For Exceptional Cleaning Performance

Riccar Vacuum Cleaners – The Right Choice For Exceptional Cleaning Performance

Riccar vacuum cleaners are considered to be amongst the best vacuum available in the markets that offer a great combination of power and efficiency. In fact, these cleaners are known to outperform similar devices from other brands in a significant manner. No matter what their cleaning needs are, users can be sure to find a Riccar device that will match their needs perfectly and will help them to keep their home or office spotlessly clean. In fact, the brand has a unique marketing policy to ensure that the quality and efficiency of its devices is not compromised in any manner. This is done by making the cleaners available only through a network of authorised dealers rather than allowing them to be sold at just any home appliance store. Advantages Offered By Bagged Vacuum Cleaners Over Bagless Ones.

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Expensive Cleaners That Provide The Best Value For Money

Riccar cleaners are the most expensive devices within their category and are priced anywhere between $300 and $1000. However, even such high costs do not prevent the users from investing in these best quality cleaners simply due to the fact that they offer very good value for money. It is not surprising that many users often compare the Riccar cleaners with a Porsche or Ferrari automobile in terms of pricing and features.

The brand offers state-of-the-art cleaners in both canister and upright styles that come with an assurance of extended life and great durability even with rough usage, which in itself justifies the high pricing of these devices. The brand is known for its operating policy of providing credible appliance to its customers rather than just focusing of maximizing sales.

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A Design Focused On Excellent Performance

Riccar as a brand is known for its obsession with key performance aspects such as suction and air flow. In keeping with the same, these devices come fitted with high performance Riccar vacuum cleaner roller brush that works in close co-ordination with the efficient motor and clean air bypass system to provide the best cleaning results. Even though the motor is relatively louder as compared to other similar devices, the exceptional cleaning and other design features more than compensate for this minor drawback. In fact, the loud noise is caused by the limited air restriction within these devices, which helps in generating better suction and hence ensures deeper cleaning. Keep Your Air, Floor And House Clean With Riccar Vacuums.


Another reason behind the immense popularity of Riccar vacuums is that they are extremely light in weight and this makes them extremely easy to move around while cleaning a wide area. In order to ensure maximum durability, the device comes fitted with a lot of metallic components which minimizes their chance of damage as well as the need to frequently replace them. Moreover, the different attachments provided with each device make it extremely easy for the users to efficiently clean their upholstery, drapes and difficult to reach places.

A Filtration System That Is Par Excellence

One of the finest features of the Riccar vacuum cleaners is their exceptional filtration system, which not only removes the dust and allergens in the most efficient manner but also keeps them completely trapped. The Riccar vacuum cleaner filter combined with the Tandem Air technology help in ensuring efficient removal of dust particles, allergens and even pet hair etc to leave the cleaning environment completely clean and hygienic. This makes these devices fit for use around people prone to allergies are other health issues that might result from the presence of excessive amount of pollutants within the air surrounding them.

The above reasons make it obvious as to why Riccar vacuums are the first choice of people who seek the best performance from their devices. Riccar is known to provide the best cleaning power and functionality that is generally made available in only the high–end appliances from other top brands.

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