Red Vacuums – The Provider Of Best Vacuum Repair Service In Vienna

Red Vacuums – The Provider Of Best Vacuum Repair Service In Vienna

When it comes to choosing the most efficient and reliable vacuum cleaners, most people trust the upright cleaners from Riccar. These easy to use high quality vacuums ensure thorough cleansing with better suction power and increased air flow. Despite its extensive popularity, the brand does not offer its vacuums for sale online. People living in Vienna and neighborhood can get the Riccar vacuum of their choice at the Red Vacuums store. In addition they can also provide a wide range of Riccar vacuum repair services at affordable prices from this outlet.

Red Vacuums is a renowned provider of high quality vacuums from famous brands besides offering the most efficient, reliable and timely vacuum repair services in and around Vienna. Red Vacuums offers the following facilities to its clients.

  • Estimates Of Repair Cost: Clients can know the estimated costs of getting their vacuum of almost any brand repaired without being charged for the same.
  • Replacement Appliance: Red Vacuums offers a replacement appliance to clients while their own cleaner is being repaired to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Discounts For Old Vacuums: Customers can avail a discount of up to $150 on new vacuums from the stores by trading in their existing appliances.

Given below are the details of the top five upright vacuums from Riccar available at Red Vacuums.

  1. Riccar Supralite Standard R10S

This snazzy cleaner from Riccar comes packed with great power that ensures easy and thorough cleaning. The extremely lightweight appliance features a 2-speed 5.5 Amp motor and 4 year warranty. The cleaner is provided with a wood brush roll and rubber wheels and bumper to ensure that the floor and the furniture are not damages during the cleaning process.

The vacuum is also fitted with the self sealing HEPA media bag and a long lasting outer bag for hygienic cleaning. Ricar Supralite Standard R10S is provided with deluxe touch handle grip and quick cord release system. The 35 foot long cord enables easy cleaning over large areas.

  1. Riccar Supralite Premium R10P

The Riccar Supralite Premium R10P is an extremely powerful device that comes with a life time belt protection and 5 year warranty. The appliance features a 5.5 Amp 2-speed motor and can be used for cleaning carpets, area rugs and even bare floors. The metal brush roll ensures thorough cleaning while the rubber wheels and bumper keep the furniture and base boards safe and scratch free.

The cleaner comes fitted with the self-sealing HEPA media bags that prevent the dust from leaking back into the environment. The 40 foot long cord combined with the quick cord release system ensures easy cleaning across wide spaces with effortless maneuverability.

  1. Riccar Supralite Entry R10E

Built to last long, the Riccar Supralite Entry R10E is a tried and tested cleaner known for offering great performance. The appliance comes fitted with a 5.5 Amp motor and is covered by 3 year warranty. It features a wooden brush roll and anon/off switch on the nozzle for effortless operation. The appliance is known for offering efficient cleaning across multiple surfaces.

Riccar Supralite Entry R10E is provided with an ultra-filtration paper bag. It also comes with a heavy-duty hook cord along with a 30 foot long hook that makes it a great device for cleaning large spaces without the need to frequently change the plug–in position.

  1. Riccar Supralite Deluxe R10D

This is an extremely powerful and convenient vacuum cleaner form Riccar that is known for offering a hassle free cleaning experience. The appliance comes fitted with a 5.5 Amp 2-speed motor and 4 year warranty with Red Carpet service plan. The rubber wheels and bumper ensure the safety of the baseboard floors and furniture during the cleaning process while the metal brush roll and replaceable brush strips ensure efficient cleaning.

Riccar Supralite Deluxe R10D is provided with a self sealing HEPA media bag along with a hard case outer bag to keep the dirt trapped. The long power cord and the deluxe touch handle grip make cleaning across wider areas easy and hassle free.

  1. Riccar Supralite Sand Trap  R10SAND

As the name suggests, this powerful and efficient cleaner is designed to prevent the damage to carpets caused by accumulated sand particles. The appliance comes fitted with a 2-speed 5.5 Amp motor with lifetime belt and 5 year warranty. It is also provided with a metal brush roll and rubber wheels and bumper for safe and scratch free cleaning.

Riccar Supralite Sand Trap R10SAND is provided with the latest self-sealing HEPA media bag to keep the dirt and dust trapped. The cleaner offers a long life and great efficiency and is designed for convenient and easy cleaning, especially of houses where the chances of sand and dust accumulation are quite high.

To gain more information about Riccar products visit Red Vacuums, the authorized retail and internet dealer of Riccar cleaners,at 

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