Looking For A Sewing Machine Repair Service? Try These Easy Fixes

Looking For A Sewing Machine Repair Service? Try These Easy Fixes

A sewing machine is a part of our closets and proves to be quite useful in stitching material together by making use of thread. The machine saves our time from running to a tailor for some of the minute stitching jobs. However, there may be a situation where the sewing machine might face some kind of issues and give you troubles while sewing. Taking a trip to a Sewing Machine Repair Service may seem to be inevitable in such a situation, but in case you are running short on time, there are quite a few easy fixes that can be done for solving some of the sewing machine problems.

Sewing Machine Repair

Below are the common sewing machine problems along with their easy solutions. Read further:

Loopy & Knotted Thread

Loopy & Knotted Thread

One of the common problems why a sewing machine stops functioning is due to loopy and knotted mess that is formed from the thread. Removing this mess can give headaches to quite a few people. However, solving this problem is not that tedious as it seems to be. All you need to do is grab the seam ripper and remove all the faulty stitches. This will solve the problem. Sewing Machine Repair Service Things To Know

Sewing machine Skipping Stitches

Skipping Stitches

Sometimes the sewing machine might skip stitches while sewing. This can be occasional or occur on a constant basis. This will result in inconsistent stitching. There is a simple measure that can be taken from your end. Just re-thread the sewing machine, change the sewing machine and check the sewing machine needle. By doing this, the sewing machine will again start stitching consistently.

Accumulation Of Thread Under The Fabric

Accumulation Of Thread Under The Fabric

Often there is a case that the stitch is straight at the top but it is the bottom where all the thread forms a cluster. Most of the people blame the bobbin however it is due to the lack of tension on the upper thread which is the reason behind it. Rethread the machine by raising the presser foot lifter. This will open the tension mechanism for receiving the thread. Now, raise the take-up lever and the needle to the highest position. This will ensure that the tension is right.

sewing machine Breaking Needles

Breaking Needles

Using the wrong needle for the different fabrics can make them break. Therefore, it is always advisable to use the right sized needles. A needle that is of size 9 or 11 is best suited for the lightweight and the delicate fabrics like silk, chiffon. Similarly, for the medium weight fabrics like linen and synthetic fabrics, a needle size o 14 will be perfect. For all the heavy weight fabrics like denim, a needle size of 16 or 18 is recommended. Any deviation from the needle sizes will lead to it breaking while sewing.

Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Clunking and Grinding Noises

Is the sewing machine making some sort of obnoxious noise while sewing? If yes, then something or the other is wrong you should stop sewing. The noise is an indication that some part of the machine is jammed or is rubbing against something. A reason behind this might be that you haven’t oiled or cleaned the machine for quite some time. However, even if after oiling the machine the noise is not reduced then you can are required to visit professionals at Sewing Machine Repair Fairfax.

Singer Sewing machine


The above-mentioned easy fixes will enable you to keep your sewing machine in the best possible condition. A sewing machine might face some kind of problem from time to time; however, by regular maintenance of it, the machine will keep on functioning for a very long. Going through the manual of the sewing machine is a good source to properly do all the regular maintenance and cleanings.

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