Is It Possible For A Vacuum Cleaner To Operate In Vacuum?


This is perhaps one of the most common queries made by people regarding a vacuum cleaner, especially those who are not familiar with its working. People who are aware about the operating procedure of these cleaning appliances understand the fact that they cannot be used in the absence of air. So to answer the question in the simplest terms, it is not possible for even the most advanced vacuum cleaners to operate in vacuum.

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In order to understand this fact better, it is important to get familiar with the working of vacuum cleaners. All vacuum cleaners are designed around the basic principle of displacing air to create a low pressure zone forcing the air outside to move in along with any dust and dirt present in the area. The efficiency of a vacuum cleaner depends largely on the difference in the air pressure in it’s inside chamber and the atmosphere outside. The greater this difference, the better the performance of the cleaner is. This is also a major reason why vacuum cleaners offer better efficiency near sea level than above it.

In view of the above facts, it is quite obvious why these appliances fail to operate in vacuum. Since vacuum means total absence of air, there is no displacement of the same inside the cleaner and consequently no difference between the air pressure inside and outside the cleaner. Even in case of a non-perfect vacuum, which is created when some amount of air is still present in the environment the cleaners fail to operate as the air pressure is almost negligible. Since no suction can be created with such low air pressure, it becomes impossible for the appliance to work even in partial vacuums.

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Having understood the basic operating principle of vacuum cleaners, this information can prove helpful for buyers seeking an efficient cleaner. Most people tend to overlook or not understand the significance of vacuum pressure while buying the vacuum cleaners. But with the above explanation, they can make sure that they choose the right device that creates enough pressure difference to ensure thorough cleaning of even the toughest stains. In fact, they can even verify this fact by checking the pressure difference between vacuum cleaners of different grades.

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