Invention Of Vacuum Cleaners And Their Evolution


Vacuum cleaner was one of the revolutionary inventions that changed the whole concept of cleaning. Cleaning used to be a difficult job for the housewives till the beginning of the 19thcentury. They had to make a great effort to clean all the dust particles from the surface. The task of cleaning made them feel exhausted easily. Then, vacuum cleaners were introduced in 1890 as a great boon for the housewives. A vacuum cleaner is a device that has the capability to remove the dirt from a given surface by sucking them through a pipe and storing in a bag by making use of an air pump.

The earliest design used to blow away the dirt from the carpet and floor. This created great inconvenience and wasn’t much effective. Then sucking type vacuum cleaners were introduced to market. It was until 1907 handheld vacuum cleaners came into business. James Spangler, an ordinary janitor was the person behind this marvelous creation. He created the very first handheld vacuum cleaner for a problem he was facing by himself. Within short period of time, Spangler invented a series of portable electronic vacuum cleaners that were very convenient and easy to use.

The next big thing happened with the invention of the hoover vacuum cleaners. James Spangler pushed his skills beyond the limit and started the Electric suction sweeper company. Soon after the formation of the company, they gave birth to the hoover vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner was named after William Hoover, who acquired the patent rights from the Spangler for great deal of money. The design was quite different than that of the one invented by the James Spangler.

The introduction of the filter bags made a huge impact in the vacuum cleaner industry. The dirt was collected in a bag which can be disposed. This reduced the maintenance of the vacuum cleaners and increased their life span. People found it very convenient to use the filter bag type hoover vacuum cleaners even though bags had to be changed often.

The latest technology used in the vacuum cleaner business was introduced by Sir James Dyson. The Dyson vacuum cleaners are very popular these days. The very advantage of Dyson cleaners was that it doesn’t use filter bags. So there is no need for you to change the bags very often. The Dyson vacuum cleaners used a dual cyclone technology which is used to separate the dust particles

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