Fuller Brush Home Maid - A Perfect Vacuum For Cleaning Multiple Surfaces

Fuller Brush Home Maid - A Perfect Vacuum For Cleaning Multiple Surfaces

In most households, the floors are not entirely bare or covered, which often makes choosing the right vacuum cleaner a really difficult task. Thanks to the Fuller Brush Home Maid Power Team canister vacuum, cleaning different types of surfaces with a single appliance has become extremely simple. This powerful canister vacuum is loaded with tools and features that make it the perfect choice for thoroughly cleaning versatile surfaces in an effortless and rapid manner.

Offers Easy And Free Movement

The Home Maid Power Team comes fitted with large rubber wheels that make it easy to move around furniture, across carpets or even on the hardwood floors. The wheels along with the manageable weight of just 16 lbs. make it possible for the cleaner to be moved around or to be carried up and down the stairs with little effort and at a decent speed, saving both energy and time. The 23 ft. long retractable cord ensures a wider cleaning range without the need to frequently change the plugging in position of the cleaner. In addition, the built-in headlight makes cleaning in dark corners quite easy and thorough.

Great Versatility In Terms Of Cleaning

The appliance is provided with a telescopic wand that makes cleaning the unreachable areas of the house including high walls and ceilings, extremely easy. There is also a metal roller attached that is designed to agitate the carpet and thus provide efficient cleaning. To enhance its versatility even further, different cleaning attachments have been included (dusting brush, upholstery tool, floor tool, crevice tool – varies on the model) making it possible to thoroughly clean hanging light fixtures, wall sconces dust, and even lampshades.

A Hygienic Cleaning System

The Fuller Brush Home Maid is designed not only for thorough cleaning but also to ensure hygienic cleaning for a healthier home environment. The canister vacuum is fitted with the high quality HEPA filtration system that helps in efficient removal of micro dust and allergens present in the surfaces to be cleaned. The system not only helps in eliminating pet hair and dander but also removes the microbes including mold spores, viruses and bacteria that make the environment unhealthy.  The appliance digs in deep into the rugs and carpets to suck up the dirt and debris besides working thoroughly on floors, drapes and furniture to ensure a fresher and cleaner home.

A Compact Yet Powerful Appliance

Fuller Brush Home Maid operates with the help of its powerful 11AMP motor. The motor produces enough suction to suck up all types of dust and debris from various surfaces. At the same time this vacuum is provided with a variable suction control knob to manage the right suction for delicate surfaces. This appliance comes with a one year manufacturer’s worry-free warranty. The compact size of the cleaner makes it extremely easy to store in a small space while the sturdy build ensures minimal damage during handling.

The great flexibility and efficiency offered by Fuller Brush Home Maid Power Team vacuum cleaner is unmatched especially when it comes to cleaning different surfaces.  That is why this appliance is one of the first people’s choices who are seeking an affordable and efficient cleaner for their home or office space without hurting their budget.

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