Dyson Ball Original Canister Features That Make It One of the Best Vacuums

Dyson Ball Original Canister Features That Make It One of the Best Vacuums

The Dyson Ball Original vacuum has earned a name for being a highly efficient and strong cleaning appliance that also offers ease of use and movement. This bagless canister vacuum is designed to provide ultimate cleaning satisfaction of different types of surfaces. So if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that would fulfill almost all your cleaning expectations, the Dyson Ball Original Canister is definitely the one you should opt for and the following reasons support this claim.


Light Weight Design and Smart Structure

The Dyson Ball Canister has been designed to prove easy and hassle free movement. This has been made possible by placing all the essential components inside the acoustically designed ball that provides a smart look besides protecting the components from any external damage. Moreover, the ball is capable changing directions easily with a simple turn of the wrist which makes the maneuverability of this cleaner extremely simple and hassle free. Being quite light weight, you can easily carry it around and up the stairs without feeling burdened while doing so.

Makes Vacuuming A Noiseless Task

Even though most modern vacuums emit minimal noise while they are being used, the Dyson Ball Canister takes this feature one step ahead. The special acoustically treated ball that holds the vacuuming setup produces extremely low levels of noise, which is easily absorbed by the surroundings in which the appliance is being used. This ensures an almost noise free cleaning that causes minimal disturbance to other members of your household. The crystal clear design of the garbage bins also helps you to easily check the level of accumulated dust and debris so that it can be emptied on time and also to enables you to learn when it needs to be replaced.

Latest Technology For Great Power And Hygiene 

Dyson Ball Original comes fitted with the Radial Root Cyclone Technology that helps in providing maximum suction power for easy removal of microscopic dust particles. It also ensures greater efficiency in airflow which minimizes turbulence and helps to preserve the air pressure for more efficient cleaning. In addition, the appliance comes with a whole machine HEPA filtration certification which means that it ensures the highest level of hygienic cleaning. This is ensured by its completely sealed and airtight cyclone system that does not allow the sucked in allergens and microscopic dust particles to escape back into the environment.

Outstanding Efficiency With Minimal Inconvenience

Whether you need to empty the garbage bin or change the brush settings for different surfaces, the Dyson Ball Canister enables you to do so with just the twist of a button. The rotating brush bar is capable of efficiently deep cleaning carpets and with a simple push of the trigger switch you can make it safe enough to clean the delicate rugs and the hardwood floors. Similarly you can empty the garbage bin by simply pushing the button designed for carrying out this functionality. The appliance offers a cord length of 30 ft, which means that you can easily carry out the cleaning tasks in the farthest corners of a room after having plugged it in. This feature combined with the maximum reach of 45 feet ensures easy cleaning of almost any hard to reach surface quite effortlessly.

Hardwood Floor Cleaner

The great efficiency and satisfactory cleaning features offered by Ball Canister easily cover up the fact that Dyson Vacuum cleaners are somewhat expensive than the other brands.

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