Does Your Broken Vacuum Cleaner Deserve To Be Repaired?

Does Your Broken Vacuum Cleaner Deserve To Be Repaired?

Okay it’s a beautiful Sunday morning. You are relaxing in your living room after a hectic week at work. Your wife is cleaning the house as she always does on Sundays. All of a sudden your lovely vacuum cleaner stopped working. Your wife comes to you and tells you, “Honey, it is not working anymore.” You look around, the whole place is in such a mess. It is not a pleasant scenario to think of Right? Well I can understand but you must have encountered similar situations in the past.

Whenever a household appliance stops working, it throws you in a vicious circle of thoughts of whether to fix it or replace it. Well! you all would have to agree with me that it is a tough question to answer. Being into vacuum repair services in Virginia for a long time now, Red Vacuums has come across multiple situations where people come to us all confused over a single question “If their vacuum cleaner is even worth repairing?”

Here is a list of some quick questions we ask them before suggesting the next course of action. You can ask these to yourself before even coming to us for repairs.

Do You Have A Strong Connection With Your Vacuum Cleaner?

I know, it is coming out to be a silly question but an important one. Do you enjoy using your vacuum cleaner? Do you always looking forward to use it? Are you satisfied every time you take it out of closet? If the answer to all of the above questions is a YES, then you got yourself a friendly machine which would be worth keeping for a bit of a longer duration.

If in case you are the other kind who never hit it off with their vacuum cleaners then it can be your window to exchange your not so good vacuum cleaner with something of your choice with which you connect.

What Exactly Is The Damage?

What exactly has happened that your beloved cleaning machine has stopped working? What part of it is damaged? What cost would be incurred in replacing the damaged parts? If the cost of repairs comes out to be at least less than half of the price of the vacuum cleaner, then there has to be a go ahead with the repairs.

What Is The Age Of Your Vacuum Cleaner?

I know this sound to be a hazy one. But you must have researched about the average life of the machine before buying it. Has your vacuum cleaner surpassed that age or not? A typical Miele lasts for 20 years and a Dyson at least 10. So keep this question in mind before making any decision.

When Was The Last Time You Got It Serviced?

Well this is an important one. If you got it serviced sometime soon and still it broke down then probably it is time to say Good Bye. But if you have never gotten it for servicing, and then may be a onetime repair and then servicing it timely could help you use the machine for another 3-4 years minimum.

How Often Does It Break Or Clog?

How many times, you have already gotten it fixed? Sometimes, because of the love for the machine it is difficult to say Good Bye. If you are repairing it almost every 6 months, then that means you are spending a lot of money to just keep it going. In that case, the best thing to do is to let it go and find the new cleaning companion.

Try it for Yourself

This is not a question of course. But you can give it a short. Sometimes the vacuum cleaner stops working due to the damage of a small inexpensive part which can be easily ordered online and can be replaced without any outside assistance. You can do that and then timely servicing your cleaner would keep it in good health for a longer duration of time.

It’s time for you to say Good Bye

If it is beyond repair, then it is always a good idea to buy a new one. Lucky for you, your beloved Redvacuums provide exciting discounts, if you replace your old machine with a new one. Well that sure would make it little less heart breaking.

So what should you do?

After doing thousands of repairs, replacements and servicing, we only have a single thing to say. Embrace its uniqueness. They all are different and you need to respect that. Our vacuum repair services in Virginia, always suggest our customers to weigh each and every factor before making any decision. Because, it’s only the decision you have to make as we are there to support you in your entire vacuum cleaner journey right from the buying to servicing to repairing and finally replacing starting a new chapter altogether.

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