Cordless Vacuum Modern Domestic Device

Cordless Vacuum Modern Domestic Device

Do you have a small house? Are you clumsy enough (like me) that you trip really often over the cord of your vacuum cleaner while cleaning your lovely apartment? Well I know what you need. You need a cordless handheld vacuum which can go anywhere without undergoing any hassle of changing the plugs from one place to another. Also the average weight of 10 pounds make it perfect for spot cleaning

Red Vacuums, your “friend, philosopher and guide” in the journey of vacuum cleaning has the best Cordless Vacuum cleaner in Cordless category in store for you today. Yes, you guessed me absolutely right. I am talking about the revolutionary Dyson V6 Absolute which will change the way you think about the performance of cordless vacuum. The soft roller cleaner head would pick up everything (yes literally everything) in its path. The very strong direct driver cleaner head would also perform amazingly on the carpet.


The model Dyson V6 Absolute is an upgraded version of Motorhead with no change in motor but different attachments. It works amazingly on hardwood floor removing large and small debris thanks to its soft roller cleaner head which is made of soft nylon. Although the cordless vacuum cleaners are not recommended for very large houses and I won’t do that in this case as well. But Absolute’s direct drive head provides 75% more power than others in its field. Due to this it works wonder on carpet (A must needed feature: P)

Good news for my dear allergic people too when I am talking about Dyson V6 Absolute as you can benefit from its Sealed system with Hepa filtration  Powered by a V6 digital motor, with a run-time of 20 minutes and charge time of 3.5 hours, this machine is worth taking into consideration.

Here are some quick pros and cons that will help you make a better choice


  1. It has a very strong suction power especially when it at maximum settings.
  1. It is light as feather (Ok Kidding: P) but seriously only 5.1 pounds. It is a feather taking the all the vacuum cleaners into consideration (Theory of Relativity you see :P)
  1. Versatility is what makes this machine stand out in the crowd. It can clean floors, ceilings and everything such as pet hair, small or large debris that come its way.
  1. 6 tools people that can clean everything be it bare floors, blinds, carpet etc.
  1. Again great agitation thanks to our super strong direct-drive cleaner head.


  1. It is a lot of $$$. Yes it’s true. It is a bit expensive especially with the tools.
  1. The dirt capacity of the vacuum cleaner is small due to which you need to empty it multiple times in a single cleaning session.
  1. Built in battery can also be a concern in a long term.

Overall this machine is great for small apartment owner looking for a compact wholesome solution to their cleaning problems as it’s small yet powerful and of course versatile at the same time. Thinking where to go for buying your very own Cordless Vacuum Cleaner? Well that’s what we are here for right. We have a variety of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners including the best one too

And guess what, you can also exchange your current vacuum cleaner with a brand new Cordless one and get exciting discounts. We promise you won’t regret it. Rest assured, we are there to help you in the entire journey right from buying your vacuum till it’s time to say goodbye.

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