Choosing The Best Vacuums For Keeping Your Smartstrand Carpets Spotlessly Clean

Choosing The Best Vacuums For Keeping Your Smartstrand Carpets Spotlessly Clean

The SmartStrand carpets or soft carpets as they are popularly known are the latest trend within the flooring industry. Unlike the other carpets that can be cleaned using a best carpet cleaner, these special rugs need appliances with specific features to ensure that they can be cleaned thoroughly in a damage free manner. However, before getting into the details of the features of vacuum cleaners that are perfect for cleaning these floor covers, it is important to know what makes them different.

What Are SmartStrand Carpets?

SamrtStrand carpets are the rugs that give an extremely soft feel. This is because these carpets are designed from the finest fibers and the number of number of fiber stands in each tuft is far greater than an ordinary carpet. However, it is this very quality that makes it quite difficult and even impossible for owners to clean these carpets using a regular vacuum. As such, people who choose to buy carpet cleaners Virginia for their SmartStrand rugs should gain information about the features to look for in an appliance that will work with these special carpets.

Advantages Offered By SmartStrand Carpets

There are several reasons that have made SmartStrand carpets such a rage. The most important of these is that the carpets do not stain easily, which keeps them looking attractive and lovely for a long along time. They are extremely soft and hence provide a feeling of relaxation and warmth. They also offer a really long life if they are cared for and maintained in a proper manner.

Vacuuming Features To Look For

Contrary to what most people believe, SmartStrand carpets can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. However, the appliance in question should have the right features to remove dirt and debris without damaging the extremely fine fiber of these carpets.  Listed below are the essential features that such appliances should have.

  • The most important feature that a vacuum cleaner to be used for cleaning SmartStrand carpets should have is the option of height adjustment.  This ensures proper airflow besides making it easier for the users to push the appliance through the dense fiber count of the carpet. Moreover, a vacuum with adjustable height minimizes the chances of the carpet fibers getting damaged due to the lower placement of the vacuum brush.
  • The vacuum cleaners should have large wheels as this ensures easy maneuverability across the SmartStrand carpets. In addition it also reduces the chances of the fine fabrics getting stuck in the smaller wheels and coming out loose, damaging the carpet in the process.
  • The vacuum cleaners should not have a rotating brush tool as it can break the fibers and give the carpet a worn out look within just a short period of time. It is advisable to use a suction nozzle instead that offers deep cleaning without damaging the carpet in any manner.
  • In general, using canister vacuums to clean SmartStrand carpets is not the best choice. In fact, upright cleaners have been proven to work well with these rugs as they offer ample height to ensure good airflow and suction for thorough cleaning without exerting too much force on the fibers.

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