Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaners According To The Type Of Filters They Come Equipped With

Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaners According To The Type Of Filters They Come Equipped With

The filtration systems form the most important component of vacuum cleaners and are often the primary criterion considered by buyers for choosing the most appropriate device. However, given the fact that HEPA filters have gained immense popularity over the past few years, most vacuum buyers are generally ignorant about the other types of filters that the cleaners might come equipped with. This can often cloud their choice of a perfect vacuuming device that matches their cleaning needs. Discussed below are the different types of filters that the buyers can find in the vacuum cleaners available in the market today.

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HEPA Filters : As mentioned before, HEPA filters are the most popular types of filters used in the high cleaners of a almost all top brands. The term HEPA is an acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air and vacuums fitted with them are capable of removing 99.9% airborne particles that are 0.3 microns or more in size. The high efficiency of these filters in ensuring better cleaning and hygiene makes them a preferred choice for devices designed to be used around people prone to allergies and other such health issues. However, these filters prove most effective only with vacuums that are completely sealed. They are extensively used as integral Royal, Dyson and Shark vacuum cleaner parts to provide the best cleaning efficiency to users along with ensuring maximum hygiene within their environments.

MicroFresh Filters : These types of filters are designed as a non-hazardous chemical element that is used within the vacuum cleaners to prevent the formation and growth of algae, bacteria and fungus. It is generally found only in the high end devices from specific brands such as Dirt Devil, Hoover and Eureka. It comes fitted in these devices in the form of a chemical element attached within their dust bags. It helps in ensuring that any air released back into the cleaned environment is sterilized and free from any allergens. These filters generally last anywhere between 6-8 months, depending upon the frequency with which the device is used for cleaning. Importance of getting the best shark vacuum filters.

Allergen Filters : Allergen filters are quite similar to HEPA filters, in terms of helping with the trapping and removal of smallest particulate matter from air. Although these filters provide a far better performance standard than the ordinary filters, they cannot match the filtration capacity of HEPA filters. This essentially means that these filters are designed to fill the gap between ordinary filters and HEPA filters. Some standard models of Hoover vacuum cleaners are known to use these filters.

Washable Filters : As the name suggests, these types of filters are designed to be reused after through washing and drying. Such filters are generally designed to be robust and can be repaired at a renowned store for vacuum repair Baltimore, in case of minor defects or damage. The use of such filters not only extends the shelf life of the filter itself but also reduces the overall operational costs of the vacuum cleaner. However, the users need to understand that not all filters might necessarily be washable and hence they should inquire from the sellers about this aspect before buying a cleaner of their choice.

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Pet Filters : People having pets, often struggle with the fact that even the best vacuum cleaners are often incapable of removing pet hair and dander from the environment being cleaned. It is advisable for such people to invest in cleaners that come fitted with pet filters. As the name suggests, these filters are specially engineered to get remove and trap pet hair and dander quite effectively. In some cases, the filters might even be able to eliminate pet odor leaving the environment smelling fresh and clean.

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Wet/Dry Filters : In case the buyers intend to invest in a vacuum cleaner that works on both wet and dry surfaces, they should make sure that the appliance comes fitted with a wet/dry filter. Using the standard filters with such devices not only affects their performance but is also likely to cause damage to the appliance and hence reduce its overall life. The wet/dry filters are specially designed for use with cleaners that ensure equal efficiency in both types of environments. How to wash your miele vacuum filters.

Being aware of the different types of filters as mentioned above, can help the vacuum buyers to make an informed decision about choosing the right device fitted with the most appropriate filter.

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