Carpet Pro Vacuum Repair Services Near Virginia


Do you have a carpet pro vacuum cleaner and you love it? Was it the love at first sight or you fell in love eventually? Just kidding. Please do not answer (wink). So now it’s broken down and need repairs. Your beloved vacuum cleaner, your one and only partner in despair, when the whole house is in mess and your husband is sitting on the sofa half asleep and definitely not willing to help. Your broken vacuum cleaner needs your help.

RED Vacuums is the beloved store in Virginia that you need to call and we will be at your service in the skip of the beat (not literally, but yes we will be there). We will take care of your vacuum cleaner like it’s our own. Our vacuum repair services include Free Estimate on all the Repairs, Till your vacuum gets fixed, we have free loaners for you(Because we genuinely care) and Vacuum service and tune up. We also provide free pickup to save you the hassle of bringing it all the way to us but terms and conditions applied   Free pick up option is available only if you are in a 7 miles radius and you book an appointment in advance.

Carpet Pro CPU-85T.2 Upright Vacuum

Ok, Are you telling me that your vacuum cleaner is just fine from past 2 years without service and you don’t need us? Sorry to burst the bubble but you need us more than anything. We provide full services that includes full inspection of the Belts, pulleys, roller brush, Rug plate, Filters , Seals and Gaskets, electrical wiring & light bulb and many more. Add-ons included because I love when there are Add-ons. New belts, bags, pre-motor filter, Clean motor compartment & carbon brushes etc etc. You name it and we have it. Servicing your vacuum cleaner once a year, keep it in good and healthy condition. Remember, if you don’t fail it, it will never fail you.

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