Buying An Air Purifier - What You Must Consider?

Buying An Air Purifier - What You Must Consider?

Dust particles and undesirable odors have surfaced greatly these days. The air pollution has increased considerably and hence the significance of pure air is realized by one and all. More and more individuals are looking for ways and means to get rid of the nasty air that surrounds their homes. If the home is airtight, then the dust and other unpleasant odors cannot enter the home; this is the reason each and every individual are purchasing home air purifiers for their homes. These air purifiers provide many benefits such as removing the contaminated air from the home, making the air inside the home fresh and pleasant and providing a healthy environment to your dwelling. The air purifiers are thus the best air cleaning solutions for your home as well as offices.

Having preached you about the benefits of buying an air purifier for your home, the main task now is to let you know what all factors you must consider when you look for purchasing a home air purifier. There are a number of good companies selling air purifiers for home as well as an office; hence the task of selecting the right air purifier becomes all the more a difficult one. To put an end to the confusion, read the these essential things that you must consider while making the purchase of an air purifier:

  • Air Flow Rate

Air flow rate is the rate at which the air purifier pulls through the air and process the purified air. A lot of companies claim to have an astonishing air flow rate; however, these rates are often seen as exaggerated figures. Hence, a careful research must be made into the air flow rate of the machine. Look for the companies that guarantee the air efficiency rate of the air purifiers.

  • Capacity Of Air Purifier

The capacity of the air purifier to a great extent depends upon the area which you wish to cover with the air purifier. It is advised to always buy an air purifier whose capacity is more than the area you wish to cover through the air purifier. The judgement about the capacity of the air purifier can be made through the square footage area that the air purifier covers. The IQ air purifier has a capacity of 1125 sq ft/ 104.5 sq m, which is considered as fairly optimum to cover a considerable area.

  • Performance Of The Purifier

The most popular way to measure the performance of an air purifier is through its CADR i.e. Clean Air Delivery Rate. This rate tells you about how effectively the purifier removes the pollutants present in the air of your home. The higher the CADR, the better is the performance of the purifier.

  • Added Features

A number of air purifiers come with certain added features such as handles to ease the mobility, remote controls, caster wheels, multiple fans, digital controls, air quality sensors, filter change indicators, air quality sensors and other optional accessories. The main purpose of these accessories is to add a certain level of comfort to the operation as well as handling of the air purifier by the user. It becomes easy to monitor the performance of the air purifier by making an effective use of these accessories. The accessories vary across the air purifiers and the manufacturers; so you may choose the added features that best fit your requirements.

  • Filtration

Most of the air purifiers have a three layer purification system. The purifiers suck the air and blow it out through the filters; thus the larger particles are trapped in the first layer filtration. For those, that have multilevel filtration layers- a HEPA or a carbon filter is used. Air passes through different layers for a better purification.

One of the hugely discussed factors is the activated carbon filters used in air purifiers. There are a few manufactures who make use of a low quality carbon filter in their purifiers and still boast about the great ability of the purifiers to pull the organic compounds and gases from the air. The high quality activated carbon filters  is required in the air purifier to give the air free from odours, smoke and other gases. You can buy online IQ air purifier which has a certification for filtering more than 99 % of the particles suspended in the air. It provides 21% more of the cleaner air.

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