Bissell Vacuum Parts – Getting Familiar With The Most Significant Ones


Being one of the oldest brands in the vacuum cleaning industry, Bissell is known to provide high quality vacuums that offer great cleaning efficiency. However, like most other vacuum cleaners, the appliances from Bissell also need regular maintenance and replacement of parts to ensure great durability and efficiency for years together. Discussed below are some of the most important vacuum parts that users need to be aware while carrying out any repair and replacement tasks.

  1. Bissell “Healthy Home” Upright Model Replacement Roller Brush Part # 203-1328

As the name suggests this replacement roller brush is designed specifically for the Healthy Home Upright model. Replacing this part can put a new lease of life in the vacuum and enhance its efficiency and performance in a significant manner.  However, users should check the authenticity of the, before getting it replaced.

  1. Bissell Clearview And Powerforce Bagless Roller Brush Part # 203-1195

This is a generic replacement brush roller designed by Bissell which is compatible with almost a majority of its models. The part is designed to fit several variants of Bissell cleaners in a perfect manner and also enhance their cleaning performance and efficiency.

  1. Bissell Generic Cleanview Roller Brush Part # B103

Designed to fit the various models from the Bissell Clearview series, comes with an assurance of great durability and efficient performance. The brush roller is even compatible with some models of cleaners from other major brands such as Hoover. This important vacuum part can be purchased both online and from physical retail stores.

  1. Bissell Generic Power Partner Roller Brush To Fit Bissell Part # 210-1009

The Bissell generic power partner roller brush is a high quality roller brush designed to fit almost every soft and hard bodied Power Partner models from this top brand. The brush enhances the performance and life of the vacuum cleaners, ensuring that the users do not feel the need to invest in a new appliance for many more years.

  1. Bissell Roller Brush For DigiPro Canister Part # 2034402

This replacement roller brush has been specifically designed for DigiPro Canister 6900 vacuum cleaner series. The roller brush comes with smaller and stiffer bristles which ensure better cleaning of carpets and other surfaces by efficiently picking up dirt and dust particles.

  1. Bissell Roller Brush For Lift Off Bagless Part # 203-2085 Old Part # 203-6619

This extremely well balanced roller brush with 2 rows of nylon bristles is just the thing users need to revive the performance and efficiency of their vacuum cleaners. It can be used for replacing the old roller brushes of multiple models of cleaners from Bissell and enjoying years of efficient cleaning with them.

  1. Bissell, Brush Roll 25A3 ProHeat Steamer

This high quality and durable replacement brush roller has been designed for the ProHeat Steamer model. Replacing the ProHeat steamer will ensure faster and easier cleaning of the carpets without in a simple and cost effective manner. The product comes with the assurance of durability and efficiency that is integral to the Bissell brand.

  1. Bissell, Brush Roll 59G9 Pure Pro Upright

This high quality replacement brush roller is designed not only to fit the Pure Pro Upright model from Bissell but also the Trilogy Vacuum 819M. Replacing the old brush roller with the 59G9 pure pro upright can make the existing cleaners of the users work like new. This will help them save considerable amount they would otherwise be investing in buying a new cleaner.

  1. Bissell-Brush Roll 9200 ProHeat 2X

The high quality and extremely efficient Bissell-Brush Roll 9200 ProHeat 2X is designed to work with multiple vacuum cleaner models offered by Bissell. Replacing the brush roller is generally a more cost effective option than investing in a new appliance. With the new part, even an extensively used vacuum is sure to regain it exceptional efficiency and performance power, enabling the users to save a considerable amount without affecting the cleaning standards set by their device.

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