Air Purifier Buying Mistakes That Can Prove Too Costly For The Buyers

Air Purifier Buying Mistakes That Can Prove Too Costly For The Buyers

Over the past several years, the air purification industry has registered unprecedented growth primarily due to the growing levels of air pollution inside homes and offices. This is mainly due to an increase in the number of respiratory and other heath ailments amongst people who are constantly exposed to polluted air. Contrary to the popular belief, people are not exposed to polluted air only when they remain outdoors, but also when they are within the seemingly healthy environment of their workplace and homes. That is why an increasing number of organizations and homeowners are opting for different types of air purifiers such as IQ air purifier, to provide a truly clean and healthy air for their employees and loved ones to breathe in.

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What An Air Purifier Does?

According to a report, the air within closed spaces is anywhere between 5 to 10 times more polluted than the outside air. This is because, the tight seals that play a vital role in making such spaces weather proof and comfortable also minimize proper ventilation. Consequently, the confined polluted air within closed spaces is rarely replaced by fresh air and hence becomes increasingly polluted. The air purifiers prove helpful by removing the different types of pollutants including dust, contaminants, allergens, mites, virus, bacteria, molds, pollen, smoke, gas and even odors from the air. This leaves the environment significantly clean and clean and fresh and minimizes the risk of people bearing the health risk of breathing in contaminated air.

Common Mistakes Associated With Buying Air Purifiers

The above facts have made it quite clear why air purifiers have become an important appliance to be installed in homes and offices.  However, many people tend to commit the following grave mistakes while buying these appliances, either due to being ignorant about the consequences of their error or just to save a few bucks. Irrespective of the reason, the following mistakes can make the whole exercise of buying air purifiers completely useless and even costly.

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Overlook The Health Needs Of Users: Most buyers fail to take into consideration the health needs of the people for whom they are buying the air purifier in the first place. This generally depends on the type of pollutants present in the air that needs to be purified. The contaminants are usually classified on the basis of their micron size and differently sized particles can cause different health issues. As such buying a purifier designed to remove particles of larger micron sizes will prove useless in an environment where people need to get rid of smaller sized pollutants.

Ignore The Effects Of Ozone:  It is quite common for buyers to ignore the amount of ozone emissions produced by an air purifier, even when the appliance is to be used around people with chronic breathing problems. This is because they are unaware of the fact that ozone not only enhances asthma and other breathing problems in a significant manner but also increases the sensitivity of individuals towards allergies. Hence, ignoring the effects of ozone, while buying an air purifier to provide health benefits to patients suffering from respiratory issues, is definitely not a good idea.

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Choose The Purifier Based On Room Size Specifications: Most air purifiers are promoted in accordance with the specification about the size of the room that they can purify. However, buying a purifier based on these specifications can prove to be a great mistake. This is because most companies providing these appliances tend to overstate the specifications, which means that users often end up buying purifiers meant for smaller rooms. Consequently they do not get the desired results in terms of a clean filtered air that is truly healthy and safe.

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Overlook Routine Maintenance Needs: No matter what the advertisement of an air purifier states, users will do good to remember that these are after all machines and require a minimal maintenance. So it is advisable to choose an air purifier from a company which offers reasonable and convenient maintenance facilities. Most branded appliances offer regular maintenance facilities through their recognized service center. For example users of Air Free purifier in Vienna can easily seek the maintenance facility from the company’s authorized service provider. Overlooking this important aspect can prove extremely costly in the long run.

Avoiding the above mistakes, while buying an air purifier, ensures that the users not only enjoy the desired benefits of breathing clean and unpolluted air, but also get great value for their money. In addition it also provides the users the satisfaction of investing in something that will help safeguard the health and well being of the people they truly care for, for a really long time.

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