A Manual To Use Kirby Avalir Vacuum

A Manual To Use Kirby Avalir Vacuum

Everyone who owns a Kirby loves a Kirby. And for those who have not used one, it is time for the Kirby Avalir Vacuum cleaner. Today, we have come up with a quick manual covering all the important points for understanding the use of this device.

Setting the Proper Height to Clean

In order to turn on or off the Kirby Avalir, press the power button. For selecting the proper cleaning height, you can use the toe touch control placed at the bottom left of the machine. Adjusting the height is very important because if your Avalir is too high off the floor, it would not clean properly. In order to set the proper height, you need to first lower the nozzle all the way down. You can do this by repeatedly pressing the upper toe touch control pedal. For raising the height of your Kirby, press the lower pedal one notch at a time.





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Important Points to know



1.   The lowest setting is for low pile carpets. For longer fiber carpets and hard surface floors, simply raise the nozzle one or two clicks respectively. If it is the house with pets, you need to raise the device by three clicks.

2.   There are pedals below the power button that control the tech drive power assist. To use this you first need to turn on the device. After this, adjust the proper cleaning height and then push down the right pedal which would be marked “D” in order to turn on the tech drive. Turning on the tech drive  on makes it easy to push the Kirby Avalir around while vacuuming.

3.   However, the machine can be used without tech drive on. For this, you need to put it on neutral by pushing the left button down and bringing it to the spot marked “N”. Before turning it off, raise the nozzle as high as possible off the floor and then put the tech drive in neutral.

4.   For vacuuming soft tiles or hard floors, always put the tech drive in neutral in order to avoid damage to the floor. There is green light at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner which is an indicator that the brush roll is spinning. For carpet cleaning, this light needs to be ‘ON’.Kirby vacuum cleaners a unique brand backed by over a century of expertise.

How To Use The Brush Roll

The belt lifter is used to put the vacuum cleaner into various modes. For changing the mode to brush roll spin, you need to raise up the device, turn it off and unplug it. Raise the headlight hood, flip the handle out on the belt lifter and line it up with the red arrow by turning it counter-clockwise. The indicator for the brush roll would be the green light. In order to prevent the spinning, you need to close the handle and lower the headlight hood so as to use it as a straight suction cleaner.



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How To Use The Disposable Bag

It is time to change the bag when the dirt level reaches the full line. Turn off and unplug the device. Pull out the top adapter attached to the disposable bag by unzipping the outer bag. Make sure the support strap is connected to the top adapter. If not, connect the strap through the small hole on the adapter and secure over the stud.

In order to install a new disposable bag, place the face plate over the bottom tab. You need to pivot the face plate up and then attach the taps over the holders. Finally put the top adapter and disposable bag back to permanent bag and zip it completely.  


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