What The World Would Be Like If Vacuum Cleaners Didn’t Exist

What The World Would Be Like If Vacuum Cleaners Didn’t Exist

Your present day life is full of gadgets both for your personal and professional use. They help you organize your work, be more productive and most importantly save lots of your time from your daily routine. Vacuum cleaners: one of the many gadgets that are used in your household are those somewhat noisy friends of yours that help you clean your rugs and carpets quickly. But imagine if you have to live your current lifestyle without the existence of this machine how would things be.

1. Going Back To The Stick

You have this amazing house, lined with wall to wall carpets to make your home look chic and classy. You invite people over to show off this newly acquired sense of taste but realized that the carpets are obviously not clean, they are carpets they get dirty and if it’s white, Oh Boy. In your frantic attempt to save your prestige you decide to clean the carpets yourself WITHOUT a vacuum cleaner!!

2. Separate Cleaning Processes

Every living/working space needs cleaning of all the things present within its premises and all these things require different ways to be cleaned. This is true but with cleaning machines and devices to help us, the task becomes easier. In current situation you would have to separate all the wet and dry cleanable objects and proceed in the old ways of dust removal from them.

3. Extra Time Wastage

Come on accept this; the machines that help you clean your home, clothes, offices etc… save a hell lot of time. Imagine doing all those chores completely manually by your own hands. Cleaning the floors, mopping them, going under the sofas, picking up spillages. You get the idea? In absence of these machines the necessary would have to be done, but imagine the time it would consume out of your life. Do you think it is really possible?

4. Spoiled Weekends

In regular times you work the entire week and plan to rest with your friends and family over the weekend. You want to spend time with them, have a great time, maybe watch a movie or go out somewhere. But, you end up spending the entire weekend doing house chores because those little noisy friends that help you clean your home fast are not present in your time.

5. Mobility

After all those chores you finally get the time to spend with your family and you decide to go out with the on a picnic. Everyone is happy, your kids are having fun jumping around the picnic spot, playing with the dog in the family. You and your spouse are enjoying your perfect moment when suddenly one of your kid comes in jumping and scatters all the food on the sheet. With no means to clean here you wait till you get home to get back to cleaning.

6. Quick Cleanups?

With no automated cleaning devices present in your life, dealing with little things like soil spillage from your flower pot, or dust left behind by dirty shoes, or the filthy mats in your car can be pretty tiresome and time consuming in that hypothetical situation

7. Home Help

With your limited financial means and your will to spend more time with your family you finally decide to hire someone to help with the household cleaning. Your maid. But with the ever rising prices of everything around you, will you really be comfortable paying hefty sums to a stranger to clean your home. And what about the trust? Is it necessary that this stranger will not resort to lower doings like robbery?

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Though only a little small part of our lives, these cleaning devices have become an inseparable part of us. With advancement in technology happening daily, they are being upgraded at a very fast pace. The idea was just to make you realize what they mean to us.

If you use these devices in your daily life, tell us how the absence of these devices would affect your life or parts of it in the comments below.

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