Reliable And Affordable Riccar Vacuum Repair Service Vienna

Reliable And Affordable Riccar Vacuum Repair Service Vienna

Riccar upright vacuums are among the best branded vacuums preferred for their efficiency with better suction and power enhanced air flow along with ease of use. Given the exclusiveness of this brand of cleaners, it is not really surprising that they are not available for sale through online retail shops. For people in and around Vienna, Red Vacuums is the best place for not only buying authentic cleaners from this brand but also for Riccar vacuum repair services.

Red Vacuums has established itself as a reliable and professional store that offers a wide range of services related to vacuum sales and vacuum repair in and around Vienna. The store offers the following services to its clients.

  • Free Estimate Of Repair:  The store provides a free estimate about the expected costs of Riccar vacuum repair as well as the repair costs for other brands.
  • Free Loaner: The store also offers temporary replacement vacuum cleaners to clients who come to get their appliances repaired, enabling clients to carry on with their regular tasks.
  • Old Vacuum Trade In: Clients can trade in their old vacuums to get a discount of maximum $150 on the purchase of a new appliance from the store.

Given below are the details of the seven most popular upright vacuum cleaners from Riccar, being offered by Red Vacuums.

  1. Riccar 8955 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This is premium appliance from Riccar that comes fitted with features like two stage motor, multi-stage filtration, floor selector and a handful of cleaning tools. In addition to providing excellent cleaning, the appliance is also designed to last really long thanks to the metal parts in high wear and tear areas.

The 12 amp motor provides enough power to effectively clean different types of surfaces. The cleaner weighs around 18 pounds, which makes it extremely easy to move around. It is also provided with a headlight to enables the users clean dark corners more efficiently. The appliance is considered to be one of the best in its category.

  1. Riccar Entry Vibrance R20E With Tools

For users seeking an appliance that offers them the combined benefit of convenience, quality and value, Riccar Entry Vibrance R20E is just the right choice. The cleaner comes fitted with a 10 Amp motor and a HEPA filtration system that makes it a great hygienic cleaner. Although this reduces the suction power slightly, the cleaner is still powerful enough to make a surface look unsoiled and spotless clean.

Riccar R20E proves to be most effective for cleaning carpets. However, with the Fast Track on board tool set that is made available with the appliance it can effectively clean other surfaces as well, including blinds, baseboards and upholstery.

  1. Riccar Premium Vibrance R20P With Lifetime Belt

Known for its efficiency and durability, the Riccar Premium Vibrance R20P is just the thing users need to keep dust and allergens at bay. The combination of a 12 Amp motor and the surface selector system makes it perfect for users, who need to clean diverse surfaces. The HEPA filtration system with the self-sealing HEPA media bag system ensures a completely hygienic cleaning.

R20P is provided with rubber wheels for damage free and easy maneuverability. It also comes with a headlamp for better cleaning of dark corners and a full bag indicator plus all metal parts in areas of extensive wear and tear.

  1. Riccar Entry Vibrance R20ENT

This energy efficient and powerful vacuum cleaner from Riccar is mostly suited for cleaning carpets. The appliance comes fitted with a 10 Amp motor than makes deep cleaning the carpets extremely simple and hassle free. The appliance features foam filters which help in trapping the dust and dirt in an effective manner and prevent it from releasing back into the air.

R20ENT offers the benefit of easy maneuverability with great efficiency. It easily sucks up any dirt and grime from the deepest parts of the carpet in a fast and smooth manner, giving the carpet a completely spotless and sparkling look.

  1. Riccar Standard Vibrance R20S

The Riccar Standard Vibrance R20S comes with a redesigned body and enhanced air flow for better cleaning. The 10 Amp motor produces enough suction to enable the improved hose to suck up any dust and grime with much ease. The cleaner also has the HEPA filtration system with the self-sealing HEPA media bags to prevent leakage of dirt or dust.

R20S is provided with a steel brush roll featuring replaceable brush strips as well as headlight for efficient cleaning of dark areas. It is also provided with a set of on board tools that make cleaning diverse surface really easy and effortless.

  1. Riccar Ultra Premium Vibrance R20UP With 2-Stage Motor

This low-maintenance and easy to use cleaner also offers the benefits of great performance and durability. The 12 Amp 2-stage motor and the redesigned body of the cleaner ensure maximum airflow for better suction and cleaning. The appliance comes fitted with the HEPA filtration system and is also provided with self-sealing HEPA media bags for greater hygiene.

R20UP is suitable for cleaning diverse surfaces including carpets, rugs and bare floors. This is made possible through a combination of surface selector system and a set of on board tools designed for cleaning different surfaces. Other features include a full bag indicator, rubber wheels and headlight.

  1. Riccar Vibrance Deluxe R20D With Surface Selector

This Riccar cleaner is loaded with features that make it extremely versatile, efficient and durable. The appliance comes fitted with a 12 Amp motor and has a redesigned body for improving the airflow. The users can change between surfaces to be cleaned with the flick of a button. In order to make the appliance last really long, it has been supplied with metal parts in areas that are use the most.

The advanced HEPA media filtration system makes the R20D perfectly safe to be used around people with respiratory or allergy issues. In addition the vacuum cleaner has features a headlamp, full bag indicator and rubber wheels.

Being the authorized dealer of Riccar, user can buy the various products of this brand through the retail Red Vacuums store or visit their website at,, for online shopping.

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