Is It Possible To Use Reusable Bags For Vacuum Cleaners With Disposable Bags?

Is It Possible To Use Reusable Bags For Vacuum Cleaners With Disposable Bags?

Vacuum bags form one of the most important components of a vacuum cleaner, as they store all the dirt, dust and grime picked up by the appliance. In order to ensure the proper functioning of a cleaner, it is important to change the vacuum bags after regular time periods. This often makes many users ponder, whether or not it is possible for them to use reusable bags along with the disposable bags in their vacuum cleaners.

Well, the answer to this question is no, it is not possible to use a reusable bag with a disposable one in a vacuum cleaner. This will not only lead to practical issues in operating the machine,but will also affect the overall performance and safety of the appliance. This can be further understood with the help of the following reasons.

  • Firstly it would be extremely difficult to find a bag that would be of the exact same dimensions to fit the individual appliances.This is because the manufacturers do not provide such bags and the users are unlikely to find any independent providers for the same in the market.
  • Most cleaners use motors that need a good supply of fresh air to keep them cool and prevent ant damage caused by overheating.However, a reusable bag, which would generally be made from cloth is likely to block this air supply and cause the motor to heat up excessively and get damaged.
  • Another important reason that makes the use of reusable bags an impractical option is that it is not likely to trap in the finer dust particles efficiently. This can lead to the filter becoming dirty more frequently which in turn will require the users to clean them more often causing greater wear and tear.

There are some heavy duty commercial vacuums, but even for those appliances, the reusable bags won’t offer much durability and effectiveness as the synthetic disposable vacuum bags.

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