Buy Riccar Upright Vacuums In Vienna From Red Vacuums

Buy Riccar Upright Vacuums In Vienna From Red Vacuums

Upright vacuums are the most preferred types of cleaners as they are easy to use and generally offer great performance. This is especially true in case of Riccar upright vacuums that are known for their efficiency and durability. For people seeking an efficient Riccar commercial vacuum in and around Vienna, Red Vacuums is definitely the best choice, as the brand does not sell its products online.

Red Vacuums also helps its customers in the following ways.

  • Offer Free Repair Estimates: Red Vacuum is a renowned provider of Riccar vacuum repair and provides a free estimate of the repair charges to the customers.
  • Replacement Vacuum: To prevent an inconvenience to them, the store provides free replacement appliance to the customers for the duration of vacuum repair services.
  • Discounts For Old Vacuums: Buyers can trade in their old vacuums at the store to get a discount of up to $150 on the purchase of a new appliance.

Riccar Heavy Duty Commercial Upright #RHD-1T

This is an exclusive Riccar product and the only one that the Red Vacuum store sells online through its website. As the name suggests, this is a powerful cleaner designed for use in commercial establishments. It is powered by a 10 Amp motor and is capable of thoroughly cleaning vast surfaces in an effortless manner.

The cleaner comes fitted with a brush roll made of chrome steel and also features two rolls of replaceable brush strips. It is provided with a metal bottom plate and electrostatic foam washable filters. The combination of cleaning tools and the 30 foot long cord give it a wide cleaning girth, besides enhancing its efficiency over diverse surfaces.

The #RHD-1T comes with an on/off switch on the body for easy operation. It also features a manual thermal reset protection button and uses paper Riccar bags of size S13-6. It comes with 2 year warranty on parts and labor which makes it a good investment choice. Since it is the only Riccar product that is permitted to be sold online, people can easily order it from the Red Vacuums website.

For more information about the product or to buy it online, visit Red Vacuums, the authorized retail and online shopping dealers for Riccar vacuums at

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